A lash serum & liner in one: Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancing Liner Review

Lash growth products seem to be all the range – there are no lash enhancing mascaras too so naturally, there should be a liner that helps to promote growth!

Trish McEvoy has a lash serum that you use at night, and they also have a bold black liquid liner which contains a protein complex, SymPeptide™ to improve lash fullness.

Here is the liner:


I’m currently trialling Mylash which totally does work but have taken a week break because my eyes have been sore lately. When my eyes get sensitive I give them a break from everything – but anyway, I digress.

In fact I’ve handed a lot of lash serums over to family to test due to my eye sensitivity – I was wondering if I would experience any problems with this liquid eyeliner. Here is the tube – quite a normal looking liner:


The brush is interesting – depending on how you manipulate it, it can be thick or thin. You seriously need to take the excess off by wiping it on the side of the tube otherwise it’s just way too much product.

Once you have taken off the excess you can get a thin-ish line.

Truth is I am no expert with these kind of liners – felt tip ones are so much easier and better for every day quick application. It’s also quite a wet and glossy formula so takes a while to sink in.


On the eye:



There are pros and cons of this products – the pros are that it’s a jet black liner and once you get it on, it sets and it does stay in place all day.

Also – I do think that it has helped my lashes feel strong and look quite glossy. I tend to lose lashes quite easily (even with using MyLash) but they just feel that bit stronger with this.

On the downside is the applicator – I just don’t find them that easy to use and the price – this costs £79 so it’s very expensive for an eyeliner. I guess if you wanted 24 hour lash treatment and could afford it, then this is a cool product.

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  1. Jen says

    Looks quite good as a eyeliner and plus points for strengthening the lashes but *eeek* at the price!