My Stash: Fyrinnae Pigment Eyeshadow Swatches: Greens and Blues

Here are a few more of the pigments I bought ageesss ago. I had no idea I owned so many!

I don’t use pigments all the time – too messy but I love how pigmented they are. I always use some kind of wet or sticky base with pigments otherwise they wear of quite quickly with my oily lids.


Fyrinnae Pigment Eyeshadows_ Green Mermen.jpg

Love the name Mermen! This is a lush bright emerald green.


Fyrinnae Dragon Magic Green Pigment Eyeshadow.jpg

This is a dark blue-green petrol type shade with a shimmer.

My favourite dragon? Spiro.

Next is London:

Fyrannaie Fyrannie Fryannie London Blue Pigment Eyeshadow.jpg

This is a really bright matte blue.

Finally Farerie Glamour:

Fyrannaie Eyeshadow Fairie Glamour Purple Eyeshadow Pigment.jpg

A deep purple infused with turquoise blue flecks. When swatched the turquoise-denim blue shows up more than the dark purple!


Fyrannaie Pigment Eyeshadow Green Blue Puple.jpg

I like Mermen the most, but Faerie Glamour is rather special. London is cool too especially as a liner.

What do you think of these?

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  1. liloo/tsunimee says

    omg,how gorgeous are these. the mermen looks actually better swatched than in the pot. in the pot, it looks a bit too minty for my liking. my fave is the faerie glamour. love it!