8 Days of Shampoo Reviews No. 7: Bumble & Bumble Mending Shampoo & Conditioner Review

**If there is one beauty product I go through quickly it’s shampoo as I wash my hair pretty much every day. For the next 8 days there will reviews from products that I have used for at least 3 weeks each. My hair type is dry, frizzy and coloured**

Bumble & Bumble is a really sexy brand with some lovely hair care products and I was rather excited to try out the Mending shampoo and conditioner. See this stuff is for (truly) damaged hair – none of you ‘ooh I found a split end’ types.

Properly frazzled hair.


They say:

This ultra-mild cleanser begins treating damage without stripping color, wilting perms or reverting chemically straightened hair. This shampoo is idea for truly damaged hair (who regularly colour, straighten or perm).I think I’ve been lucky with shampoo lately because this one didn’t irritate my at all. It has quite a nice, foamy texture, if you like that kind of thing and leaves the hair clean without feeling dry at all.

The conditioner is also lovely – applied and rinsed, it’s not quite enough for my hair but left on for about 3 minutes it works a lot better helping me work through the extreme tangles.

My hair seemed less frizzy after using this – I still need to use curl products after but it did really leave my hair feel very soft.

You can buy this from stores like Want The Look, where there’s a 10% discount £19.35 each.

Shampoo Rating: 5/5
Conditioner Rating: 4/5

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