Metique Tea Tree Oil After Wax, Skin Wash and Hygienic Cleanser Review

I am prone to itchy and sensitive skin and I definitely have to try new products with caution.

Metique is a brand launched in Australia in 2001 and the entire range is based around the benefits if Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil is supposed to be soothing and helps irritations.

They say:

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is the only known natural antiseptic that has the ability to control pathogenic micro-organisms without harming the commensal (normal) skin micro-organisms (1). This is one of the reasons why well formulated Tea Tree Oil products can be used to prevent and treat so many skin disorders.


Also the products contain vitamin E and the range is paraben free. So all good! I got a few products to try, their After Wax Antiseptic Lotion, Hygienic Skin Was and Hygienic Cleanser….Antiseptic Skin Wash:

This contains 2% tea tree oil and has a pH of 5.5. This wash has been formulated to kill disease causing micro organisms on the skin whilst retaining moisture.

I liked this skin wash a lot – it is not too foamy, so don’t expect bubbles, but it feels good on the skin. I used it on my arms where the cat scratched me and where I experienced some itching and all good – it seemed to take away the redness and if it kills germs, even better.

One thing though – it smells very strongly of tea tree – so if you hate that smell you won’t like this.



After Wax Antiseptic Lotion:

Contains 5% tea tree oil, vitamin E and vitamin A. It has a pH of 6 and is supposed to help to keep the skin smooth after hair removal.

I also liked this product a lot – you get a lot of it with 250ml as a little goes a long way so it’s good value for money.

This isn’t like a product like Tendskin, which can burn sensitive skin and can be drying – this very much feels like a lotion and hydrates the skin too without being too ‘strong’. It’s also good for larger areas like the legs.


Hygienic Cleanser:

This is basically like a antibacterial hand gel (which I am obsessed with!).

This contains 3% tea tree oil and it doesn’t need to be rinsed off (like all hand gels). Once again this smells strongly of Tea Tree Oil so if you don’t like that avoid this.

This does contain alcohol – I didn’t find it drying though, and there was no sticky horrible residue either.

At £1 for 100ml it’s a great price!



Overall I am impressed with the range of products I have sampled. They seem like the real thing and their prices are good too. They’re not quite like the high street tea tree stuff which sort of contains a bit of tea tree – these products smell very strongly of Tea Tree and you do have to be ok with Tea Tree to use it.

See the full range here.

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