5 Make Up Boo Boos (That I secretly love…)

Ssshhhhh. Don’t tell anyone, ok?

There are certain make up boo-boos, which are surely crimes against beauty that deep down, I kind of have a love for. Like my secret crush on Charlie Brooker, there are some things we are all ashamed about but as the therapist tells me, the first step to getting over it is talking about it.

So, I’m a-talkin’.

1. Beauty Sin: Green Nail Polish

china glaze green nail polish.jpg

(Pictured: China Glaze, In the Lime Light)

My favourite colour is green, so naturally, I am drawn to it regardless of what it is I am looking at. This particular green is neon and rather witchy, and rather good fun. Whenever I have it on I feel like picking my nose or grabbing a broom – sometimes simultaneously.

2. Beauty Sin: Face dunked in Glitter

mac glitter pigment.jpg

(Pictured: MAC Glitter Pigment in Light Green – Pro Shade)

I love sparkles, I love glitter. I have toned it down of late, but every girl should reserve the right to dowse themselves in as much shimmer as they want (but don’t tell Mariah Carey – they’ll be no glitter left).

Don’t bother giving me a matte look all over, even if it is elegant. Without some shimmer on my face I am but a lifeless, flat ragdoll, a bit like Sienna Miller in 80% of her film roles.

3. Beauty Sin: Clumpy Mascara

ysl faux cils clumpy mascara.jpg

(Pictured: About 3 year old YSL Faux Cils I found in my stash. So sue me.*)

I like a bit of clumpy mascara – its that rock chick, I slept in my make up look that I find appealing. Of course, it should be creatively clumped and I achieved with hygienic mascara – I find volume boosting mascaras start to clump up the quickest.

*Actually don’t sue me, I’m saving up for an i-phone. I used this mascara for this photo only then chucked it away. Do not use ancient mascara, gals, its no good for your eyes.

4. Beauty Sin: Orange Lipstick

orange lipstick.jpg

(Pictured: A pigment by Beauty From The Earth patted on clear gloss as I couldn’t find my Shu Uemura Orange Lipstick.)

Orange is related to Peach and I love Peach so that’s my argument. In a fight between pink and peach, peach would win – its true!

Even with the strongest oranges, they can be sheered out to get a rather lovely glow, great with a tan.

5. Beauty Sin: Shiny Skin

chanel vitalumiere foundation.jpg

(Pictured: Chanel Vitalumiere)

Whilst I am not a fan or super matte or super greasy, I do love some shine on the skin. My skin tends to go this way throughout the day anyway, but nevertheless, I am quite light handed with the powder because I like to look a bit, erm, sweaty. GLOW! The glow you get after exercising, you catch my drift?!

The girl with no friends:

cosmetic candy make up.jpg

I concur that one persons crime against beauty is another’s pick me up. Each to their own baby, each to their own!

Confess…what beauty no-nos do you actually like?

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  1. Li says

    Chipped cheap fuchsia nail polish, I have looked and looked for the perfect shade but no, and so inappropriate for work, :)

    • Row says

      Hey Li

      What an unusual one!!!! Some chipped polish looks a bit rough and ready doesnt it!