Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lift Strips = Asian Eyelid Tape, kinda

I saw an article a few days ago on The Daily Fail about a product by Eye Secrets, called the Instant Eye Lift Strips. These sticky strips fit into the eyelid to pull up the skin and create a more ‘open’ eye look.

See here:


A good result. And this is what it looks like:


So I kept reading…then I say that these cost £29.99 for a months supply…

Wait a minute! It looks just like Eyelid Tape!

For those who don’t know, Eyelid Tape has been used across Asia (especially countries like Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong etc.) where ladies tend to have a mono lid (ie. no crease) for years. Applying the eyelid tape at the base of the eyelid or higher, can create or accentuate a fold. It creates a ‘lifting’ effect too, depending on how you apply it.

You can buy the tape in various thicknesses, you can also buy special glue and Y shaped tool that you apply to the eye lid and creates a fold (so you can omit the strip altogether).

Eyelid Tape is very cheap to buy; 99p – £5 in most cases – yes, some brands will be better than others, but a lot of the time, this kind of product is down to the application as opposed to the price of the product. Just so you know, there is a cheaper alternative out there!

What do you think? Would you try these?

Me: I have bought a pack of lid tape before to try but they didn’t do much for me. I also found them a bit uncomfortable – I just don’t like things stuck to my eyes and would never be able to keep up with wearing these every day.

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  1. says

    Never heard of this not sure I’d be tempted to try this, seems like a odd idea. I think I would probably feel like same as you, that it would be an odd feeling on your eye.

  2. Julie says

    I tried eyelid glue before becase my left eyelid had been deformed and wrinkly looking for years – as a child with hayfever I couldn’t help but rub my sore eyes…
    Always felt uncomfortable when I applied it. Kind of made the lids worse as it pulled my skin, making it more wrinkly.
    I’m sticking to eye creams right now.

  3. says

    Hi there,

    I have reviewed the eyelid tape on my website and tried them myself. The tape is tricky to get on and get in the right place but it really does work to lift drooping eyelids.

    The makers haven’t said anything about Asians using it. I’m not sure if its the same kind of tape.


  4. says

    Hi just looking at different eyelid tape, does the one you say the Asians use have a sticky back or do you have to buy the glue. prices vary on different sites, one American site is offering them cheap, but are they just imitations of the real thing. Could you direct me to a site that sell the tape please kind regards Patricia

  5. Beth says

    Hi, I don’t think they are the same thing. The eyesecret tape thing has this hydrosomething in them that helps life up the eye, thats why they’re more expensive.

    • Row says

      Hi Beth

      Ah I see, I have seen the eye secret tape though and I think fundamentally they are the same thing (the tape tucks the skin away and therefore gifts the lifting effect). People use eye tape for all kinds of reasons now not just for adding a crease but also for lifting the eyes or intensifying a crease :)