Michael Todd 6 Pan Eyehadow Palette & Loose Pigment Eyeshadow Review

My favourite thing that Michael Todd sent me to try was definitely their generously sized 6 Pan Eye Shadow Palette. This comes prefilled with six large pans of eyeshadow. Usually, when you get these sets there’s an odd dud shade or two but nope – this is the perfect neutral to smoky palette.

Anyway before that, I also got one of their loose pigment eyeshadows in Plantation Key, a sparkly gold) to try:


How do I feel about loose pigment eyeshadows? Well I love the idea of them but I rarely use them just because they are just that little bit more troublesome to use.

I have tons of MAC pigments that I never get round to using because I barely have time for pressed shadow! But when I have time I think they give a really nice, bold effect.

Michael Todd pigments are paraben free (always a plus) and Platantion Key is a very pretty gold…it has a foiled edge to it, no?


I’d most likely use this on special occasions as a highlighter. If you are into pigments then you’ll like this formula – it’s very smooth and blendable.

Now, the beautiful palette!#alttext#

I know this retails for £26.99 in the UK which makes it about £4.50 an eyeshadow!

These are large, about the same size as Stila blushers. There’s one matte shade (Chick) a pale essential eye base colour, Heaven, a nude peach, Cookie Crunch is a rich brown Sentimental is a effortless beige for contouring, Take a Bow is a deep plum and Big Bang is a black infused with gold.

It comes in a purple palette with a mirror inside.

What I like about these shades is that there’s a matte (which I really need for my eyes for toning down some areas) and a nice mix from light to dark (when I build my own palettes I end up with the most ridiculous combos; sparkly black, sparkly blue, sparkly orange etc.)



I took a close up picture of the black to show you the sort of metallic edge the brown, black and plum have (like a finely infused gold glitter). So even if you think the palette is a bit neutral for your tastes, there’s definitely some potential there to add some sparkle and smokeyness.

I guess I’m just in the mood for palettes that have all the shades you need in them at the moment!



I really like the eyeshadow palette, it’s just what I need for an easy no brainer eye look and the pigment is nice too, especially if you are ‘in to’ loose powder eyeshadows. Michael Todd does do custom palettes too so I think you can go and buy an empty palette and pick the shades you want .

Stockists: Love Make Up (in the UK) and All Cosmetics Wholesale in the US.

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  1. says

    The nude peach doesn’t seem that different from the matte base color, but I like the rest of the palette! That purple looks very nice. How’s the lasting power?