Lips of the Day: Hard Candy Painted Lady Lip Colour in Knock Out Pink

**I’ve decided it’s a lip swatch and review kinda day! That, and it’s 4.10am at the time of writing and pretty lip swatches is all I can think of!**

Lovely Kuri included this lipstick from Painted lady (shade 198 Knock Out) in a package she sent me months ago.

I’ve heard of Hard Candy, of course, but I’ve never seen the Painted Lady range before (research shows it’s sold at Walmart for ladies who are interested).


The packaging is quite cute, quite teenage but inoffensive.

The lipstick, a soft pink, looks like a pretty basic colour in the tube:


It has a surprisingly beautiful soft texture and a water shine finish! If I didn’t find it on Walmart, I would’ve thought this was some kind of secret Japanese formula!

Lip Swatch:


The colour is lighter than in the tube but I think it turns into a rather nice candy pink on me – it’s super hydrating and glossy too. It doesn’t wear too well, but then it’s a glossy lipstick so that’s just how it is!

Have you tried this formula before?

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  1. says

    Ooh, sounds like a lovely lipstick! Will have to check it out.
    But, you know, I don’t recall having had Hard Candy products in my grubby hands before.
    Perhaps someone else gifted it to you? I’d take credit but that seems unfair to that kind person.