Therapy or Playdoh? Mohdoh Mouldable Aromatherapy Putty Review

Sometimes I get things in the post; a lump of cheese, beef jerky, a signed photograph of Charlie Sheen – and I just don’t know what to do with it.

Mohdoh is one of those things. This unusual product like a Playdoh, or plasticine, in a pot with aromatherapy benefits included.


They say:

mohdoh™ combines three therapeutic elements, proven to produce positive results; aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy. It is these three elements that make mohdoh™ such a powerful holistic therapy.

All oils are pure oils and no artificial fragrances are used . Some people may have allergies to certain oils, so care should be taken. Under 3’s should be supervised.

Hear that? It LOOKS like it could be a toy but it isn’t!

Here is the purple substance:


This doesn’t actually feel like Playdoh – be still your beating heart – it’s a lot firmer…In fact, it’s so firm that I didn’t manage to pull the whole thing out and give it a good squish. There’s no way you could stick your finger through to the bottom of the tub, for example.

Now, remember this is all about the aromatherapy!

This stuff comes in various scents and for different things; Breathe, Calm, Quit, Sleep, Slim, Travel, Unwind, Think.

Each modoh is not just scented accordingly, it is also coloured accordingly.

So mine is ‘Unwind’ and is a lovely (presumably relaxing) shade of purple.

The idea is to use the dough as a stress relief tool, you can mould it and use it like you would with a stress ball, you can inhale the scent etc.


I have to say it is scented really beautifully. It contains Lavender, Rosewood, Geranium, Juniper…warm smells. It’s really lovely.

I totally get the idea behind this and although I liked smelling it, I’m not totally convinced by it.

I just spent so much time staring at it, and repressing my urge to eat it. The 6 year old me is looking at her cherry scented play doh and eating the spaghetti strands all over again.

This purple colour would make a really nice dress or perhaps handbag:


These last 3 months after opening, so you can finally overcome your urge to eat it after this time.


It’s a cute idea and I am sure that if you are the kind of person who likes to squish things when you’re stressed, then this could be for you.

I do have this germ thing…I mean taking it out, squishing it whilst it gathers bacteria and cat hair then putting it back in the tub isn’t very hygienic. I guess you could play with a bit and throw it away because it’s not like you can get the whole thing out in one go anyway.

I guess I just found mohdoh quite perplexing…I think I would’ve liked a softer squishy texture to play with than this, but then again, that’s what boobs are for.

mohdoh’s cost £4.99 and you can buy them at Lucy Rose.

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