5 Looks with Red Eyeshadow

I am still begrudgingly getting used to Grenadine:

Nars Mini Haul | cosmetic-candy.com.jpg

A deep matte red eyeshadow – who’d have thunk it?!

Here are my 5 ideas on how to wear it:

1. As a super thin liner


To do this, just wet the brush and shadow and draw a super thin line close to the lashes.

Word of warning – Grenadine does NOT like direct contact with water – it went all hard on mine but luckily I only ever wet the corner of a powder eyeshadow.

2. As a thicker liner and flick


Once again, wetting the brush and drawing a more dramatic flick.

3. Red as a soft wash, with a hint of gold


Red and gold for a rich, christmassy look.

4. Red with Green and black liquid liner – something funky


5. Brown with a dot of red


So there you are, the first of my 5 of….series (although this title says 5 looks and not 5 of…). Does this make red a little bit more accessible for you?

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  1. this looks like a difficult colour to work with!

  2. this red eye shadow are beautiful.. thanks

  3. Where did you get this eyeshadow :))))))?

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