Was blind, but now, I see


If my blog were a kitten, it would look like this.

Poor blog.  Changing over hosts was not quite as easy as I had thought – so we’ve been off for days, comments have been disappearing, pictures aren’t showing up, some people can see certain posts, some people can’t – ARGH! and I have to put up with this hideous template for now.

Because we were off over the weekend, here are the competitions you may have missed –

Friday –here

Saturday – here

Sunday –here

Monday – here

Please bear with me whilst I try to sort everything out and get back to some kind of working order.  If you see this post say HAI to me, so I know people can see what I’m writing!

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  1. I see you!

  2. hihihihihihi

  3. it works for me! i can finally see your pictures again yay

  4. hellos there

  5. Yup!

  6. Hiya!!!

  7. That is such a cute kitty!!

  8. Hi Sue!

  9. Hi Gloria!

  10. Hi Yingling

  11. Hiii Elizabeth! Hi Li! Hi Melia! Hi Quynh!

  12. that kitten is too cute!

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