Winter Fix-It for Dry Skin: RMK Recovery Night Gel (and how to get it for free!)

I was googling RMK’s Recovery Gel to get more information on the product and guess what website came up? MINE! Yep – I totally forgot I had bought it a while ago – my initial reaction to it was good. I am revisiting it now – which is not something I normally do, because it has just fixed my skin.

The recovery gel is an orange scented clear gel with little white hydration…erm….balls…


Now, recently I have had extremely dry skin – I can’t remember the last time it was so flaky and red. I got out my big guns, my Creme De La Mer, my Neals Yard Frankincense Cream.

I love both of these for dry skin but I could tell I need more – something to really go under the surface and repair so I could go back to looking none zombie-ish.

RMK Recovery intensinve night treatment.jpg

The strangest thing about this product is that its a Gel. How can a gel truly be hydrating? La Mer and Neals Yard but have thick, rich textures made for dry skin.

Well, RMK works. It really does.

See more after the jump!The gel is a very light texture but there are little white balls that brust easily on the skin and add to the hydration.

They say:

RMK Recovery Gel works to recharge the skin with essential moisture while the capsules get to work on damaged skin. Simply embalm over your face to experience the intensive treatment and with moisturising ingredients such as yeast and kyonin extract, your skin will be left revived and re-strengthened.

rmk recovery gel-1.jpg

It smells of oranges, which is very nice. It isn’t actually orange, its the jar that is orange:

RMK Recovery night gel.jpg

It sinks in so quickly, its strange how it does hydrate. As I said before, I had flaky skin on the side of my face leading up to the temples and even my rich face creams didn’t fix it. This recovery gel did after three days I noticed the flakes and roughness had gone!

It is a night treatment so in the day I’ve been using a bit of La Mer under my foundation. I remember the SA telling me that I should wash it off in the morning or it will keep hydrating (which I don’t think is a bad thing!).

The white bits squished down…

rmk recovery night gel-1.jpg

Love it. I used it before and thought it was good, but only when I used it on my hardcore dry skin did it prove its worth and effectiveness. This will be my permanent night treatment throughout the winter months.

You can buy it here from Look Fantastic at a slight discount (normally £38) for £31.62 BUT – hold your horses!

Hold that horse

Now, my sources tell me that throughout November if you spend £50 on a RMK counter you will get one of these full sized Recovery Gels FREE!

UPDATE: I visited a counter and it was advertised as spending £85 to get the gel for free. This was not the information I was given by the official sources so if you find that the offer is only on when you spend £85 on your local counter, I apologise for any disappointment.

I completely recommend their:

The Creamy Foundation, possibly the best liquid foundation around

Their powder foundation is very natural indeed and good for oilier skins

This is their current collection Autumn Mystique

Their Cleansing oil is also my favourite

Their Lipstick C is my favourite formula for any lipstick

Their Christmas Palette is out on the 12th November and costs £38 (will review if I can get hold of one!). RMK normally do a palette that comes in a smart case and pouch, and has everything you need in one place like the eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara, blush, powder etc.

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    • Row says

      Hey Zereen

      Yes get it! But wait untill they have the offer on (wait – it is on!) spend £50 and get it for free!

    • Row says

      Hey Suka

      Yes this will fix dry skin 100%…La mer is gorge but it wasn’t getting rid of the flakes on my skin!

  1. says

    Thank you a zillion times over for your wonderful RMK reviews especially this one. I was seaching like crazy for a treatment gel and completely forgot about RMK. I am going to try and grab this – I feel that I really NEED it!