Weekend Pampering: Eastthorpe Hall Health & Beauty Spa Review

Last year I was invited to visit Eastthorpe Hall. I only managed to haul my bot down there a few weeks ago for a half day visit and what an experience it was!


Eastthorpe Hall is located in West Yorkshire, Mirfield. It took me about 35 mins to get there from Manchester in the car.

EastThorpe Hall.jpg

They Say…

“As if being voted the best Day Spa in Britain at the prestigious British Beauty and Spa Awards 2007 wasn’t enough, we also won the 2008 Best Day Spa accolade at The Professional Beauty Awards, reached finalist status at the British Spa Awards in 2009 in five categories and have just been nominated for Day Spa and Best Therapist at the Professional Beauty Awards 2010.”

Eastthorpe Hall is also a family run business (I chatted to the owner, Sam many times throughout the day) – the building itself was her former family home!

My Package…

I was booked in for a half day package, which meant I arrived at 12.45 and stayed til 5.30. They also have half days for morning sessions, or you can stay the full day.

You can read about the packages here as they are quite complex- in my package I basically got a welcome hand/foot ritual, time in the pool/sauna, lunch, afternoon tea, a treatment and time to lounge about!


When I arrived at the spa I was surprised by how small it looked from the outside…intimate is the word.

As soon as I knocked on the door, I was greeted by a therapist and the smell of incense. It immediately created a sense of atmosphere I guess…like you had entered a different zone.

I filled in a consultation card and the therapist explained how the day would be laid out.

There’s a few strange things to get your head around…

The fact that:

a. You don’t need your watch/phone etc. because the therapists will come and find you when its time for your treatments

and that

b. The time between treatments is for lounging and you can explore a bit as there are a few areas to sit and rest.

Nervous twitch without my phone? Me? Never!

eastthorpe hall.jpg


Although I thought the spa looked small from the outside, inside it was perfectly formed. I’ve decided that one day I will live in a house that looks like this place!

Inside the various lounging areas is comfy sofas and bookshelves and magazines. There are lots of clocks everywhere but they don’t work and are set to the wrong time – all to stop you from trying to guess how much time had passed.

There are lots of angels around the place and like I said earlier, the entire building smells of incense and candles.



They certainly keep you well fed at Eastthorpe Spa. The lunch was a buffet, and it was really amazing. There were plates and plates of chicken salad, rice, curried potatoes, sea bream, goats cheese tarts, lots of tea and coffee and juice.

It was really really good food – like super tasty, and the Chef even told us to find him if we were still hungry!

Later on they supplied pretty home made strawberry cupcakes and tea.

Thermal Journey…

The Thermal Journey element of the day consists of going into a pool/jacuzzi area, then to a steam box, then a sauna.

You are led through the whole experience and it is timed you get a fixed amount of time in each section – this may or may not suit you.

Since I don’t swim, I sort of float about in the pool, so the 20 mins was enough for me BUT if you are the sort who goes to a spa and likes to keep dipping into the pool this may not feel long or flexible enough for you.

I then had 10 mins in a steam box (like being in a steamer – now I know how broccoli feels) then had about 10-15 mins in the box sauna with a window to the outside world (now I know how a chicken feels).


Groups or Alone?

After relaxing in the pool and sauna, my skin felt lovely! We were then given paraffin hand treatments which were also good if not slightly disturbing for someone who has never dipped her hand in hot wax before!

Its worth noting that you can go to Eastthorpe Spa alone or in a group. I was by myself, but there were two other ladies who were in the afternoon session with me.

There were a few other groups of ladies, who had been at the spa all day.

I didn’t feel too uncomfortable being the only person on their own at the spa. There’s no one to talk to at lunch but you can always wander off in the inbetween times to relax on your own.

Less Talk, More Zzzz’s…

The only segment of the day that had slightly annoyed me (and this was not the fault of the Spa) was after the Thermal Journey experience, I was asked to sit in a waiting room before being taken over to the food area for afternoon tea.

The waiting area consists of some long chairs, soft music and dim lights so you can relax as you wait. I was in there with a group of women and I was sat next to one that would not stop. talking. and. talking.

And I mean talking about innane things, her new job, her salary, her husband, the school play she was missing, the best cheese for macaroni and the new tiles in her kitchen. This went of for quite a while (I finished my Thermal Treatment early).

I was sorely tempted to ask her to talk quietly or just to see if I could leave the room and sit somewhere else because she was that annoying.

Its rude, people, to visit a spa and and chatter loudly in relaxation areas when other guests trying to chill! Especially ones on their own! Take note.

eastthorpe spa.jpg

My Treatment…

I had a Eastthorpe Hall Signature Treatment, consisting of a Indian Head Massage, back, neck and shoulder massage.

My therapist was fabulous as was the treatment. I’ve had a few massages now and this one was the right mix of being soothing but also firm (especially as I need it around the neck and shoulders).

It felt like it lasted an age, although it was more like an hour. She also mixed some oils together for me (I said that I liked spicy scents) and it was perfect too.

My shoulders felt so much better!

Anything else?

You can bring your own dressing gown or the spa will supply one. The ones supplied were a tad too small – myself and the two ladies in my group seemed to struggle to get a good wrap out of it (so a bit of knicker flashing going on).

I also had a nosy at the products they used, it seems to be a mixture of Karin Herzog, Elemis (my new love), Thalgo and Jessica although Dr Lewinn’s is what they left in the bathroom areas for us to use.

eastthorpe hall-1.jpg

Signing Out…

When I finished with my treatment, which was very nice indeed, it was dark outside…I felt like I’d spent a whole day at Eastthorpe rather than a few hours.

I was completely relaxed, nicely fed, and just generally quite chilled. I guess not being welded to my phone and laptop gave me time to contemplate and think about things, which is not something I usually get to do.


I had a wonderful half day at Eastthorpe Hall. It wasn’t what I expected (such an intimate service. Previous spas I have been to leave you to your own devices). I felt pampered all over, and left in a calmer, balanced state of mind.

I would 100% recommend Eastthorpe Spa if you can get to it! I will go back but I think with Mr Candy who will appreciate the good food and massages (but he may have to take his own dressing gown)!

My half day package is £150. Other prices are here.

Contact Info:

Eastthorpe Hall’s (revamped!) Website is here and their email is: info@eastthorpe.co.uk

Address: Huddersfield Road Mirfield WF14 8AE

Tel: 01924 498507
Fax: 01924 495746

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