WANT IT NOW: Hello Kitty Dinner Party Set

Just watching TV and seen this amazing, amazing magazine thats out now in the UK (its one of those where you collect it every week or fortnight…usually reserved for children and trainspotters).


Yes – with week one (£1.99) you get a free Hello Kitty Dinner Place! How cuttteeeeeeeeee!

Hello Kitty Party Magazine - Your subscription comes with fantastic free gifts.jpg

Mr Candy’s immediate response was, “You know they have an age limit” but I say poo-poo to your age limit, where Miss Kitty is involved, all ages are welcome.

I might subscribe because you get a Hello Kitty Bag, a Magnetic Notepad, a Binder, a Placemat and….and…..and…..and……a table cloth!!!

This is the full set:

Hello Kitty Party Magazine - Build your own unique Hello Kitty Dinner Set.jpg

I must have the pasta bowls, the milk jug and sugar pot!

You can geek it out with me here, and I am sure they will sell the magazine in WH Smiths.


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  1. too cute for words! I will love Hello Kitty for life!!

  2. I may have just filled an online direct debit form in thanks to you 😉 lol I love the milk jug sooo cute

  3. HK for Lyfe! Mwhahahaha

  4. I got this yesterday!! the plate is really good quality porcelain, It took me ages to find a newsagent that sold it but I eventually tracked it down, I warn you though the package is massive, it was so awkward to carry home!

  5. wow I really want. Contemplating about it now.

  6. Lozangel says:

    Just got My second delivery of issues 4 and 5 with my Serving plate and coffee cup and saucer AND my ring binder and recipes only 2 more delivery’s till my table cloth and shopping bag comes :) got my place mats out and my notice board up in the kitchen. ^..^ happy kitty :) x

  7. Are you still getting this stuff delivered? i can’t find anything about the set past issue 3 ANYWHERE and I read there are 50 issues…? thanks xxxx

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