Happy Monday Morning! And a Caption This competition!

Monday, monday!

Had a disastrous week last week, or should I say, a difficult one. Hoping for a much better week this week!

Just to warm you up for a rather good week on Cosmetic Candy, I’ve got a special Caption This Challenge

The most creative answer gets a prize – I’ll do a goody bag full of nice treats for the winner.

Caption This:

cats nose.jpg

Well! What are you waiting for?

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  1. How you doin ?? *joe from FRIENDS style*

    Yo mama!! Wats cookin??*jhonny bravo style* lolz

  2. I bet you want da goodies, bet you thought about it, got you all hot and bothered, maybe coz I talk about it, keep on lookin’ cuz they stay in the jar (while dancing to the tune of ciara goodies)

  3. “Oh dear, look at these pores! You need a facial!” Like the mother-in-law :p

  4. Wake up! I need a makeover for my date, pronto!

  5. hahaha this is too cute :)
    i am not entering this one, i am not feeling inspired but I looooooove this competition :0) cant wait for next monday. really brightens mondays x

  6. tousledkitten says:

    This is the last image we received from our cameras whilst observing the common house-cat in its natural habitat. No traces of camera were found.

  7. ‘Does my nose look big in this?’

  8. “Hey wake up wake up, I need you to tell me if this snazzy yellow collar will melt the hearts of the cats next door! (also, feed me)”

    LOL, how fun! This is interesting, Rowena.

  9. Ann Tofari says:

    Own up, who taught that mouse how to use a camera?

  10. 1 cat was harmed in the production of this post!

  11. Heyyyy! Whaddya mean ‘I missed a bit’?! (the cute black & pink nose)

  12. Oi, are you up yet? I have some things for you to take care of…. One, I need food, and only the good stuff out of the can; two, I want my kitty tunnels rearranged in the living room; three, that chair in the dining room spooked me, so I knocked it over; four, and most importantly, that bird out side has been bothering me all morning… take care of him.

  13. Upon closer inspection, that is not a good color on you…

  14. Nicky Russell says:

    Does my bum look big in this ???? Whatdya mean, thats not my bum ???

    @paulinepppp (Twitter)

  15. Coistycat (Donna B) says:

    Are you sure i’m too close as i don’t think i’m close enough xx

  16. I’m ready for my close up…ouch(camera hits head)….not that close!!

  17. DARN IT!!! All those scene girls on Facebook make these extreme angle profile shots look soooooo easy. Whatever, betches.

  18. 1. “WHO DAT?”

  19. 2. “Get outta my grill, homes!”

  20. 3. “What a “purrrrdy” kitty in the reflection of your lens. Can I have yo numba? Can I have it?”

  21. 4. “Open wide! I’m here for your oral exam!”

  22. I told ya lady I DIDNOT Fart …. Oh wait *sniff sniff* so it was you .

  23. “Hmm…Let’s see if I can get this thing to work…”

  24. “SO I see… you’ve ‘forgotten’ to buy me my Whiska’s again but happen to buy yourself the Hello Kitty Dinner Party Set. I think we need to talk.”

  25. Feed me, see more!

    I wonder if that’s a little too obtuse? Hint : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnJxvb8pWDE and yes, the pun was intentional :)

    Sorry, my brain thinks weird when I’m tired, if you have to explain something, it means it’s crap! Time for bed methinks…..

  26. Mom says never look at the magnifying side of the mirror….Ahhh, she is so damn right!

  27. Hi – Definition cat preferred Vaseline on the lens…

  28. “Peekaboo, i see YOUUU”

  29. Nom nom nom.. damn its not noms..

  30. “as you can see it made all of my pores dissapear, even around my nose!”

  31. “Closer…Closer…Closer…
    Ouch. Too close x.x”

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