Topshop Make Up Haul: Gold Eye Crayon in Sun Shower & Cheek and Lip Tint in Bitten Berry Review

Top Shop launched their make up collection a few weeks ago, and I managed to dodge the whole thing (although not consciously!).

I finally made dragged myself into a big Topshop near me on my lunch break so see the collection. Overall, I felt like feedback from other bloggers was lukewarm so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Here is a promo pick of the make up – I like the packaging! Looks like its a pencil on paper design.


This is the Spring/Summer collection (not complete) – there’s 18 items in this range to choose from.


It 100% reminds me of this collection from Shu Uemura! – right?! Its the gold droplets.

I picked just two items as I was being “sensible”. I bought the Cheek and Lip Tint in Bitten Berry as I’ve got a thing for tints at the moment with it being summer, and the Sun Shower Eye crayon:


I have to comment on the stands I went to in my local Topshop store.

The counters are unmanned – I am sure one sales assistant just keeping an eye on things, making sure things would be clean and generally locating stock would be a good thing.

Because they aren’t manned, the counter I went to was a complete mess.

With no clear testers about, make up was half open, gunk was everywhere, used tissues were just left on the stands. Its a Superdrug situation all over again.

Additionally, I nearly tripped up quite badly – they had a cable running through the store to light up the make up stand (just dumped in the middle of the store). Yes it WAS covered with gaffer tape but not very well and there wasn’t enough attention drawn to it. On a busy day, I imagine its quite a nightmare.

Anyway the eye crayon in Sun Shower. Instant love looking at this beauty:


Love the pretty gold packaging and the colour is a beautiful rich, true gold which is so creamy and soft that the colour comes off easily:


This also comes in a silver variation. It really is lovely in terms of texture, nicer than MAC Shadesticks ever where.

But it isn’t faultless.

Check out the gorgeous shade:


The problem with this crayon is that it creases. On me, it never really stood a chance.

I do think that if you leave your eyes closed for a bit and wait for it to set, or add a bit of powder on top, you stand a better chance of it staying put.

Also, the shade of gold, though stunning, didn’t show up very well on my NC35-40 skintone, it looked a little washed out.

I didn’t realise the Cheek and Lip Tint was part of the Spring/Summer collection!

I had trouble getting one of these that hadn’t been opened and tampered with. There were about 16 out, only ONE was still sealed. This is the one here:


Its funny how these tints are always in reddish colours – its not a shade I would usually go for at all but when its a tint, I just accept it will this type of berry colour!

The tint is like a light gel:


What I don’t like about the product, although more hygienic than the likes of Benefit’s Benetint (no dipping the brush back in the jar) it will always stain the finger you use to apply it with!

Here is the stain, as you would wear on the cheek.


Quite a nice, light flush, not too sheer and not too pigmented so you end up with scary cheek.

On the lips, its not much good, but then I don’t have much look with any “tint” on my lips (Creamy cheek and lip products like Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouges are another story).

Stain on the lips:


Apparently this collection is Limited Edition so I will be going back to buy the highlighter and silver eye crayon at some point! I also want a lip crayon to try out!

I think the pricing for the Top Shop range is average. Its not CHEAP, its not expensive – but it would definitely add up if you wanted to buy 3 things or more.


I like the packaging, I like the eye crayons and the stain ain’t bad either. Personally I don’t feel the appeal of the eyeshadows or lipsticks – the blushers do look nice though although I’m all blushed out.

Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I do think the Eye Crayon is a little gem despite the creasing (which I thought would happen anyway because its so creamy).

I will definitely go back for some other bits, but its not going to be a range I’d necessarily rush down to the store to buy.

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