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A little birdie told me about something called Ly Na Pearl Paste – a medicated treatement used at night with whitening properties that is supposed to remove marks and scars too.

I bought that and a few different goodies from a place called the Jamu Shop, based in Singapore. It cost $18 including shipping for 2 pots – yes, I know its only $3 in the US but I’m in England and everything is either a. unattainable or b. very expensive.

This is just a haulage post as I haven’t given these products a proper run yet so I can’t comment on their strengths and weaknesses :) However twas a rather exciting box of goodies to get.

The Ly-Na pearl and sulphur medicated paste is antiseptic and nourishing. You get 12g of this thick paste which you apply at night. Says the site:

Sulfur is legendary for providing relief for various skin ailments, especially acne. Together with pearl’s brightening properties, the skin is expected to be clear and luminous. Sulphur, an active mineral ingredient, also helps the skin resist bacteria, while preserving the skin. The pearl powder possesses the requisite factors in keeping the skin healthy, so when the powder is mixed with Nienna cream, the combination is eminently capable of removing blackheads, pimples, ephelis and wrinkles. It will provide for a complexion that is soft and lustrous. Do ensure that the skin is thoroughly clean before applying the cream. When using the cream, you should eat lots of vegetables and fruits and less of oily and fatty foods. When using the cream, it is best to avoid sunburn, ultraviolet rays and chemical actions upon the skin. Apply the cream daily and you will always be beautiful. After successful application, you will be able to walk out in the sun and get a beautiful and even tan.

Many imitations have been made available recently, especially in Malaysia and Dubai. Do note the original packaging and marks when purchasing. It is best to purchase from a reputable source. Note that the plastic jar and outer box is beige in colour and there is no gold coloured ring around the plastic jar.

Active ingredients: 1.5% natural sulphur 0.5% seawater pearl. Base ingredients: Stearic Acid Cetanol Lanolin Glyceryl Monosterate, Isopropyl Myristate Sulfur Perfume Ion Exchange Water Glycerine Potassium Hydroxide

Next is the Traditional Thai Pearl Paste. It removes good for pigmentations, spots and freckles. Apparently this is a bestseller and better value than the Ly Na, as you get THREE 30g jars (compared to 2x12g Ly Na jars) for $16.

The Guan Im pearl paste is a traditional skin remedy used by the Chinese for generations. The paste uses a high percentage of genuine pearl powder to formulate its medicated compound. Guan Im is the Goddess of Mercy in the Buddhist and Taoist religions. In these religious iconographies, Guan Im is always depicted with a beautiful and flawless complexion. It is with this aim in mind that this cream is formulated. Having won the ‘Thai best product of the year 1990’, this cream has long been regarded as the ‘number one’ face cream.

While pearl is not a herb, it is nevertheless a vital component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A pearl is actually a precious gemstone, the result of a combination of minerals that forms around a grain of sand or other foreign matter in the shells of oysters and other mollusks. Although the bulk of a pearl is made of a substance called calcium carbonate, it also contains dozens of amino acids and minerals, including magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium and silicon.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pearl can be administered internally or externally. Internally, pearl is used as part of a tonic to calm the spirit and clear phlegm from the body; other uses include improving ones eyesight and invigorating circulation. Externally, pearl is used as a powder or cream ingredient to help heal blemishes and other skin problems, and to prevent the skin from becoming wrinkled and haggard. Constant use of this ointment will impart an a flawless radiance to the skin.

[ Function and Indication ]

Spot-preventing and skin moistening; assisting treating tawny spots, lighten freckles and allergic itch on the face.

[ Usage ]

Wash the skin with water and apply this ointment after some drying of the skin, 1-2 times daily.

[ Ingredients ]

Seawater pearl powder in non-oily cream base.

I will definately give this product and the Ly Na a go, maybe half on each side of the face to see which ones works better.

Next up Bio Mask:

This has egg white and lime in it. I presume lime is whitening and egg white is known to be whitening and tightening to the pores. Who the hell wants to mix sticky egg white and limes together right? Limes ain’t cheap!

This formula is an exquisite extraction of fine rice, large lemons and pure egg whites. The ingredients purifies as well as clarifies the complexion. Suitable for complexions with uneven pigmentation, blackheads, acne. The result is fairer and smoother skin. There is a common saying in the East that nothing is more life giving than egg and rice. With every bottle of Bio-mask, you can enjoy the abundant goodness of 19 egg white, 48 lemons and carefully selected white rice which lightens your face in the first use. This product represses pigmentation and exfoliates dead cells. Regular use will leave your skin fairer, brighter and firmer. Only 30 minutes a day is needed for a well pampered complexion that is radiant and fair.

[ Ingredients ]

Refined white rice
Calcium carbonate
Citric & menthol

[ Properties ]

Brightens the complexion
Improving skin metabolism
Tightens the skin
Lighten the complexion

[ Administration ]

Pour some Bio-mask powder into the ceramic cup provided. Mix with some water and stir with the finger tips until the powder is mixed thoroughly with the water. If the paste is too thick, add more water until the desired consistency is obtained. Apply on the face and neck evenly. Let it set for 30 minutes and wash off with water.

Next is Crocodile Oil:

Ok, I know I know. CROCODILE OIL?! But this is for the boys extremely chapped hands. I know, why can’t I buy Neutrogena like everyone else?

First used by the native Borneans in Sarawak and the South Africans, the crocodile oil is highly regarded as a wonder oil for the skin.

Made with farm crocodile oil, the oil is completely natural and unadulterated with any chemicals. While only recent discovery has been the oil popular, the oil has in fact been used for many generations by natural healers.

Crocodiles are regarded as living fossils due to their resistance to evolutionary change. Recently scientists discovered that crocodiles have the strongest immune system in the world.

Tests have found that the substance in the crocodile blood and fat, an anti-microbial peptide, kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics. Despite the horrendous injuries that crocodiles inflict on each other, their wounds rarely get infected, even when submerged in contaminated muddy streams. The wounds also heal in a very short time.

Scientists have discovered a powerful agent in a crocodile that may one day be used to fight off infection. Natural antibiotics have been found in various animals including frogs and toads, but now we can add crocodiles to that.

Crocodiles are farmed for their meat, the same as cattle and chickens, The meat is low in cholesterol and regarded as a delicacy in many restaurants around the world. There is less than 800g of fat on each crocodile which can be used for medical research. The fat is a by product of farming and unless used for medical purposes it is discarded. No crocodiles are killed for the sole purpose of obtaining the fat.

[ Indications ]

Helps stop bleeding, burns, hot water scalds, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, cold sores, bruises, insect bites and stings, chafed, scraped and irritates and injured skin, helps to heal wounds, improve skin’s condition and texture, treatment of pimples, helps prevent new acne and pimples, stomach ache, can be used as a massage oil, mosquito repellant oil, oil carminative. Its anti-bacterial and skin healing property is excellent for use in your treatment of acne as it helps to minimize scarring. ‘Scarring is permanent while acne is temporary’.

Note: we find using the crocodile oil quite effective on eczema lesions. Ideally use with the Centipede cream or Tibetan ointment.

[ Directions ]

Apply liberally on affected areas, 3 to 4 times daily. Oil will congeal in a cold climate, warm up and shake well before use.

Herbal & Scalp Powder – I have a really sensitive scalp so I am hoping this powder will work –

[ Ingredients ]

Soapnut – moisturise hair and scalp
Kapur Kichli – aromatic and cools the scalp
Usilipoo – conditioner for the hair
Mohwa – natural anti-biotic
Katsuri tumeric – natural anti-biotic
Shikakai – cleansing property to thoroughly remove dirt
Hibiscus – gently lathers the hair

[ Usage ]

Use once or twice a day in place of normal shampoos. Mix some powder with water to form a paste. For the modern consumer, using the powder alone can be too dry as there is little foam. While foam does not do much for the efficacy for a formula, it may feel more comfortable. If this is the case, mix a little of your shampoo with the paste.

[ Note ]

Rubbing of the scalp with your fingers just after washing the hair with cold water is a great home remedy for the treatment and prevention of hair loss. Rub your scalp till it begins to tingle with the heat. By doing so, your sebaceous glands are activated and circulation of blood is increased which in turn makes the hair grow quickly.

Meera Dry Shampoo Paste

Meera hairwash powder is an aromatic blend of herbs, herbs and roots that strengthen your hair and flowers that soften and condition it. Meera Herbal Hairwash powder offers you the perfect protection against damage from exposure to harsh elements in today’s changing external environment.

With Meera, your hair not only gets long nourishment and protection, but also extra conditioning that helps your hair stay naturally healthy and soft for years to come. Improved Meera Herbal Hairwash Powder has Shikakai, Tulsi, Vettiver, Green Gram and Reetha for complete hair nourishment and conditioning. Regular use does not damage the scalp like some shampoos which strips the scalp and hair of moisture.

You mix this powder into a paste in use of shampoo. No idea if it will work but at the moment, using a shampoo with SLS (sodium laurel sufate) is killing my scalp so hopefully this will provide relief.

Next I got a Tibetan Cream for skin conditions

Especially in this weather, I have patches of eczema, dryness, bites etc. it’s terrible.

The main raw materials of the Tibetan Ointment are natural crude drugs that grow in unique environment of platean with special geology and climate, that is, its elevation is above 3000 metres, and it is pollution-free, very cold with very low level of oxygen, great range of temperature between day and night, strong ultra-violet irradiation. It is a kind of Tibetan drugs with the functions to relieve internal heat or fever, kill fungus reduce inflammation, stop itching and moisten dryness. It is refined with advanced technology, and tested by pharmacodynamic and toxicologic experiments. This product can significantly inhibit the growth and kill the representative dermatophytes. At the same time, it can significantly reduce inflammation and stop itching. For prolonged use, it does not stimulate skin and causes no allergic reaction.

Immediate relief
Repairs damaged skin
Expels heat pathogens
Steroids suppresses; herbs heal
No steroids

Antifungal action – Test in vitro show that SkinPro Ointment can significantly inhibit the growth and kill the represenataive dermatophytes of the three genera: Microsporum, Trichophyton and Epidermatophytes. Methods of dilution and variable count have been conducted to measure the minimal inhibitory concentration and time. The test result show that the solution containing 50% of the original ointment can kill all the above mentioned dermatophytes within 60 mins.

Anti-puritic action – In anti-puritic tests, control group, tested groups of large and small dosage divided. The total content of histamine phosphate is adopted as the itchy threshold. The result show that the itchy thresholds of the tested groups are significantly different from that of the control group. It is evident that this ointment has significant anti-puritic effect.

Functions and indications – To clear the heat, dry the dampness, promote blood circulation, despel wind, stop itching and reduce inflammation. Indicated for skin itching and reduce inflammation caused by the syndrome of the blood heat and wind dryness; skin itching diseases like neurodermatitis, eczema, athelete’s foot, psoriasis, etc.

Other New Uses
In addition to being indicated for the above diseases, during the clinical observing period, it is found that this Tibetan ointment has significant therapeutic effect on acne vulgaris, insect sting, scabies and hemorrhoids etc. (Patients with skin breakage should be prudent in using it.) This new opinion is raised by experts in Sichuan skin Research Institute after they used the drug in clinical practice.

I have been using this for 2 days, and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. It’s a brown colour, it looks like what wood pulped down would look like with a slight medicinal smell. I used it on a very stubborn itchy patch (unidentified rash) on my arm and one on my foot to – both have stopped itching and have stopped swelling and are well on the way to recovery. I will keep using it this week to see what happens but I am very very impressed so far and it seems to me like it would be a good multi function cream.


Weird, stinky one this. Hei Ba Gao is a black goo for Keloid scars. Keloid scars are bumpy, firm red scars that people tend to get – certain people such as Asian and Black skins are prone to them. I have one on my shoulder after suffering from Chicken Pox which I don’t mind but is an irritant anyway.

This is an image of a keloid scar from the JAMU Shop website for reference:

[ Administration ]

1) For external use only, spread on the keloid, once every 24 hours. Cover the entire keloid with the black paste. Some older physicians will recognize the product as the ‘Black Cloth Paste’ as it looks like a piece of black cloth placed over the keloid. 2) Apply on clean and dry skin on the keloid (try to avoid the surrounding skin). 3) To prevent staining, a piece of cotton gauze can be applied after the paste is slightly dry. 4) Leave paste on from evening till the next morning. If the skin can adapt to the paste, wear it for 24 hours. 5) Please abstain from eating seafood, except fish, as marine proteins can accelerate collagen production, hence increasing keloid size. Other food substances to avoid include: alcohol, excessive meat and garlic.

The Black Keloid Paste is removed under running water (during shower) to soften the dried paste. It is then peeled off. Like a mask, the Black Keloid Paste will gradually dry and become hardened, generating sensations of the skin being pulled. Should it be inconvenient to wait until the paste dries thoroughly, cotton pads or gauze can be placed on the keloid so that it will not stain the clothes.

As remodelling treatment breaks down the collagen matrix of the keloid, you will notice: 1. wrinkling of the keloid and 2. the keloid breaking into smaller sections with some sections flattening faster than the others.

Although there is no rapid treatment for keloids, we can reduce an unsightly keloid into normal scar – one that does not itch, is neither raised nor growing. In most cases, the redness is largely reduced and the scar blends better with the surrounding skin in color and flatness. Keloid remodelling is permanent as the scar tissues are reorganized. There is no suppression using steroids or other harmful chemicals.

There is a Keloid FAQ here if you want more information. Basically Keloid’s can’t be surgically removed as the person who has them is pront to that type of excessive scarring – thus surgery means the keloid would very likely just reappear again hence the need for these types of treatments.

In terms of the Customer Service at the Jamu Shop, I am very pleased. the website is a bit messy but full of info and if you email the Customer Services, you will get a personal email and recommendations from a lady called Peggy. As mentioned, shipping and recorded delivery is included; EMS is quite pricey but an option.

It took 5 days to arrive (inc the weekend) so not much time at all! :) very exciting and I can’t wait to give everything a proper go.

Are you tempted by anything? Or sticking to Neutrogena? Tell me!

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    Ha…*everybody* has a pot of ly-na now… Even I couldn’t resist and got one from eBay since there is no Asian market where I live whatsoever…

    The content of ly-na actually looks/smells the same as a random pear paste I found in a supermarket back in China two years ago…(I just used it to momentarily feel better since my acne mark are covered by the pasty cream…whitening effect? I don’t know..aren’t pearl just plain calcium carbonate something like that?

  2. Row says

    Pears are indeed just Calcium Carbonate – I think it sounds better saying its made from crushed pearls that just plain old calcium!!

    I am not sure these creams have any real long term effects; as you say, somewhat superficial as opposed to better skin inside and out. but i’ll try anything!

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