The £1 Primark Eyeshadow Test!

Even I can’t resist the occasional whip around Primark. They do have some great bargains – I love their oil cloth cosmetic bags which are strong, waterproof and spacious for only £4.

The best time to visit Primark is first thing or last thing. If you go about 15 mins before closing time, just watch the usually s-l-o-o-w-w-w staff suddenly become madly efficient. You also avoid the crowds of slack jawed people, usually entire families in tow, skin greying from the lack of vitamins, filling their baskets with clothes three sizes too small. And all the time I am thinking – Don’t you people have to work?!

(My excuse? Lunch break!).

Still I recently cleared out my wardrobe for charity and a huge proportion of it was throwaway worn-once-or-not-at-all Primark stuff, so I am being very controlled when it comes to buying odd bits and bobs that will end up in a landfill somewhere.

But as usual I am digressing. Primark have a cosmetic range now and a huge one it is – lip sticks, eyeshadows, glosses, tools. Out of interest I picked up a bright £1 eyeshadow:


The colours look very bold and colourful in the picture – a hot orange and yellow. The split pan is very similar to something else – but I can’t think of it at the moment:


I KNOW it’s only £1 and it performs ok for a £1 eyeshadow but I wouldn’t buy it again. They are fairly chalky and a bit – what’s the word? bitty? a bit crumbly? Like I said, they certainly aren’t rubbish for £1 but I wouldn’t bother getting anymore unless it was for say…a kids party? I have to many excellent eyeshadows already and this would never really get a look in:

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  1. says

    Hmm the packaging reminds me a bit of the Stila duos – or the HIP line you can’t get over here.
    I’m trying not to buy so much crap from cheapy shops too, I feel guilty when they end up at charity shops.To be honest Primark is losing it’s appeal for me anyway, when they first opened in Liverpool I was so excited but now I’d rather have better made clothes that last a bit longer!

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      I did a big clear out recently, a scary SIX black bin bags of clothes, a lot cheap purchases worn once. At least they will go to charity and hopefully some good will come out of it but I still feel really bad about how wasteful it is.

  2. says

    The package does look familiar to me as well… hmmmmmmmm

    Over here in US we have a brand called NYC – New York Color. I don’t know if you’ve ever reviewed them. If you have I’d like to see the reviews. Anyway, they are the cheapie brand over here… some of the stuff, like the lipstick, are really awesome… but the mascara is AWFUL. Your review today sort of reminded me of that brand.

    • Row says

      Hi Abby

      It looks generic, I bet they all come from the same factory anyway!

      Hey I think I know NYC they sell it in Superdrug? This Primark one is below that, this is almost – no brand. Best for teens starting out really!

  3. says

    hiya! when I read your post, rather than concentrating on the eye shadow review, I was more interested on the makeup bag!! I went to primark and have a look (ok all they have left is a red one with white dots) but it is only 3.50. so cheap! thanks for the tips

    • Row says

      Hi Eve!!!

      The make up bags are AMAZING I have seen similar version in terms of size, design (oil cloth) and layout (with a mirror on the top) for around £30 *naming no names* they are VERY spacious and sturdy too!

      There’s also a tiger print I believe!