Tell Me: What beauties are you bored of?

Good Afternoon, my beauties!

I have so, so much to post about, I just don’t have the time to do it all.

Stuff coming up include my 24 Carat Gold Facial, and a super sparkly Tutorial look. Also lots of gift recommendations etc. etc. Hopefully, you are enjoying the December Posts even if there aren’t as many going up as quickly as I had hoped….

Anyway – I want to ask you a question…

bored cat.jpg

Beauty Products & Brands. What or Who are you bored of?

I have just been searching through my make up, deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to throw away and I seem to go through so many phases…


Major beauty phases include:

i) Shu Uemura

This is the brand that got me wearing Mascara and the brand that started my collecting craze – damn customisable palettes. Then I got a bit bored as I had bought everything, and also felt the collections have been a little weak since the death of Mr Uemura.

ii) RMK

The most amazing foundation, fabulous Lipsticks, but the prices stopped me from owning *everything* :)

iii) NARS

A major phase for me and I still love them, although Nars is always a bit slower releasing new collections and product ranges. Flukey, they aren’t. Nars is a major brand for me, but I think I may have totally bought everything humanly possible from their brand which is why I may seem to talk about them less.

I still think they are one of the best brands out there that every true beauty lover should be acquainted with.

iv) Japanese Drugstore Phase

Then I went crazy for brands like KATE, Lavshuca, SANA – I used to buy every single shade from every single range (but since the exchange rate went to pot I don’t do that anymore!). I went into overload and became a lot more careful about what I bought – not everything is necessarily a gem.

v) Illamasqua Phase

I spotted this little brand when it launched and my best MUA went to work for them so I went a little nuts, making a huge first order. So when you are overwhelmed and have studied everything on a brands website, you go a bit cold turkey, don’t you?

I want to see more variation from Illamasqua, especially in terms of eyeshadow textures and more seasonal colour collections. They are such a new brand though, so they are finding their feet.

vi) Chanel, Dior, YSL, Armani, Estee Lauder Phase

Ooh, then I decided I didn’t want young and cheap, I wanted glam and expensive and bought lots of bits from the old school brands. As gorgeous as this stuff is, its also pricey…I am currently still kind of in the phase, but going a bit cold turkey

vii) The Present

I am going through a Scott Barnes phase at the moment. Oh, ok, I am actually probably going through 100 phases all at once but at the very very specific moment I have kitted myself up with SB cosmetics and shall be reviewing my purchases soon…

What Brands Am I Bored Of?

See above. I saturate myself in a brand then get bored of it. Then the brand comes out with something new and interested and I got back to the brand. I’m a bit flaky in that way. Mr Candy is lucky he’s lasted this long (5 years on Saturday!)

So that’s all about my beauty “transgressions“.

Tell me – what have been your beauty phases (if any) and what brands are you bored of?

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  1. says

    Hrm… I definitely go through phases too.
    Bobbi Brown -> Inoui ID -> Armani (ventured into the gloss + lipstick, but too pricy) -> Shu Uemura -> Shiseido The Makeup -> Kate -> Shu Uemura -> Majolica Majorca -> a little fling with YSL (golden gloss) -> Lunasol -> back to Kate and Fasio and other drugstore brands. Something like that, at any rate. Am eyeing Maquillage and Majolica Majorca but will stick to the cheaper stuff for now.

  2. says

    MAC….. so many products that people love dont work for me. None of their foundations match my skin. the paintpots still go crease on my eyelids.
    I want to love them and i still buy lipsticks and pigments from them, but im over gushing over every new release they make as i find similar products elsewhere.

  3. Kirsten says

    1. hand-me-downs laissez faire phase, using any cosmetics, stuff that don’t do so well with my sisters/cousins 2. MAC phase, curiously, you don’t have this. Then I got BORED, I mean super boring packaging, the occasional profit driven special collection isn’t all that special with colours so similar to the permanent line. 3. Drugstore phase, hello variety and pocket friendly makeup. 4. Mineral makeup, mostly online brands phase, which I am still at now. My skin breaks out whenever I go back to the stuff I used in Phase 1 to 3 so I’m kinda stuck. Getting bored and saturated now so..
    5. Skincare phase, i am investing all my money in skincare now trying all the must-buys from everywhere. in hopes of saving my face from the years of damage I have done.
    My relationship with makeup started about 5 years ago so its about 1 year on each phase..

  4. says

    I am still going through an “Asian” phase. I’m testing all the Japanese/Korean brands my mom could get for me when she was in Hong Kong. I loveeee it. I wish I could get more too but shipping is such a *****!
    After I’m done with my face wash, I’m going to change up my routine & try something new. My wallets just waiting for me to go through the “Skin” phase.
    I know I’m going to get shunned for this but I absolutely HATE MAC. I know it’s Canadian (I’m a Canadian) but it’s absolute crap. I have only ever made TWO purchases at MAC. I got the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator AND Thermal Mask because soooo many Youtube/Blog Guru’s raved about it. I can’t keep thinking about how much money I wasted on those two things. For a person who doesn’t shop at MAC (besides the two purchases) I can already tell that MAC has nothing worthy of my $20+. I pass by MAC all the time when I’m out shopping & I can see from behind the glass, it’s the same old **** repackaged. I don’t care if it’s Sanrio or Disney endorsed or whatever, it’s not WORTH it. Has anyone noticed how the shades of lip glosses are pretty much ALL the same!? I do NOT notice a difference, ever. I’m not blind either.

  5. says

    US drugstore makeup is getting more and more lackluster (say, compared to GOSH, Barry M, Sleek, etc). As for high-end, Stila, Lancome, Shiseido, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown (sadly) have been pretty dull as well…