Oolong, a Diet Tea?

I hope I don’t sound like a diet fanatic, because I am definately not, but I noticed a product swanning around on the Web named Wu-Long tea, for fat burning purposes.

Wu-Long? Sounds suspiously like old favourite, Oolong.

Sure enough, a bit of research and was easy to find there is no such thing as Wu-Long tea, it is Oolong tea, respelt to add a sense of exoticism I suppose to the products.

Loose leaf “Wu-Long” is $37 dollars – what, £18 quid? Oolong tea, the SAME thing (although there can be different quality leaves), essentially costs 80p for a box from any Chinese supermarket, which has lasted me 6 month even with a daily cup.

(This reminds me, I spotted some Monkey Picked Oolong in Whittards for £20 a tiny box – recently it was discounted to £1 so I bought them all! They uncurl into long, lusciously green leaves in hot water).

The claims on these websites are blatently stupid – clearer skin? Makes you feel full? Could it be the fact that you are drinking a cup of water?!

And apparently there are limited supplies – not true! I’m not saying Oolong isn’t good for you, it is, but you can get it much much cheaper from a local supermarket, and as always, exercise or cutting down on fatty food is always necessary when losing weight. Just drinking Oolong with your McDonalds is not going to make you lose weight!

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