Sunscreen Special Day 4: Skinfood Quince Whitening Sun Lotion SPF 34 Review

How is it possible for me to not buy a skincare item that has Quince in it! This is Quince:


Korres, of course did a Quince Lip Balm although it just smelt sort of apple-y and pear-y to me.

Anyway, the purchase was this – Skinfood’s Quince Whitening Sun Lotion.

Not only will it protect, it will whiten too and brighten too. Honest.


With a generous SPF 34 and 70ml of product, I treated this lotion as a body sunscreen as opposed to face.

Its a cream texture, which I prefer but it sinks in nicely without any residue. Sunscreen has come such a long way, hasn’t it?


The scent is VERY quincy. How can I describe it – sort of like a sour pear. I think it does smell quite authentic – but I’m not sure its one I actually like enough to apply all over my body. I mean, what about the mosquitos?

I bet they like to suck on a quince.

Texture wise, its great – sinks in nicely, quite hydrating (good for dry skin ladies) although I didn’t notice any whitening properties as such. Brighter skin, I guess so, with no noticeable ashy residue.


But the smell – is strong. I don’t think I like it too much. I suggest you go and sniff a quince before you decide if you want this. Nice idea though!


Texture: 4/5

Finish: 4/5

Protection: 4/5

Price: 4/5


This was an unexpensive sun cream, less than £10 for 70ml which will go a long way.

I will use this on my body – somewhere far away from my nose though, like my legs and ankles as its a little too strongly scented for my liking.

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  1. says

    I am loving this series as much as i love the x factor.
    I usually dont like strong smells but if it’s a smell that i like ( and i looooooooooove fruity stuff) then I don’t mind.
    £10 for 70ml = now we are talking, love love love that!
    what lets it down is the packaging i think. the gorgeous label clashes so much with the cheap looking plastiquy bottle.
    love it x moar moar moar sun stuff ^_^

  2. says

    I used to look after a little boy at an after school club who used to bring a quince for his snack, and he called it a papple! A cross between a pear and an apple!

  3. lee says

    Oh this sounds yum, my sister was talking to me about quince yesterday. May I ask where you purchased it?