Stash: Scott Barnes Collection Lipstick, Lip Liners and Slicks

Now we are going to look at my little lip collection from Scott Barnes.

I have two of the lip liners, two flossy glossy’s (lip glosses) and three lip slicks that are in pots.

scott barnes lip products.jpg

Let’s start with the lip slicks! These are medium thick textured, pigmented lip glosses with a rich gloss effect. I LOVE these. Instant sex bomb. I don’t like and have never liked lip products in a pot though – not very hygienic and I don’t have time for lip brushes but I’ll make an exception for these products.

All the the lip slicks are really pretty, wearable colours. There are some darker shades that would look great on darker skinned ladies too.

Priceless is a brown toned colour which looks like a honey on me (these are my back ups, hence they are untouched!):

scott barnes priceless lip slick.jpg

Satisfied is warmer in tone and more of a pink. Its quite pigmented and a very pretty shade for the lips:

scott barnes lip slick satsified nude peach plum.jpg

Provocative is probably my favourite of the bunch – its a neutral pink-beige:

scott barnes provocative lip slick.jpg

The thing about the lip slicks is that they are also very long lasting (for a gloss). They are a little sticky, not too uncomfortable though and stay put where sheer glosses have long wiped away.

Flossy Glossy are the products in a tube – once again madly pigmented. I have two, a bronze gold and a hot pink:

scott barnes flossy glossy lip balms lip gloss.jpg


scott barnes flossy glossy lip gloss vivid pretty penny.jpg

Being so pigmented, its not one you can just throw on but they are still gorgeous, flattering and different from most of the glosses in my collection. I like the fact that they are quite bold and don’t pretend to be anything else!

The lip pencils are more like gloss sticks that the traditional drier texture of a pencil. I have one in brown and pink – both could easily be used as a lip gloss on their own.

scott barnes lip pencil pillow pink barely brown.jpg

Despite being a glossy texture they are really pigmented as you can see from just a quick swatch. Versatile babies, these, I’d highly recommend them al over the lip too or with one of the other products on top.

Scott barnes lip pencil.jpg

Once again, you can buy these from StrawberryNet. I paid anything form £8 – £12 for each product (I block it out these days). I would recommend the lip slicks throughly, followed by the pencils but really, the whole lot is really nice.

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  1. Gabby says

    Hi Row

    I freakin love Scott Barnes makeup. Too bad it’s now a defunct line. oh well. i have everything you showed in the pictures except the pencils. I am now obsessed with getting as much of his stuff as i can before it really is gone. I bought a bunch of lip slicks, eyeshadows, powders and foundations from when they had their xmas sale with good percent off. The glossies i got from when they had them reduced to about $10 each. I bought about 8 of them. Gimme more 😀

    • Row says

      Hi emel!

      These were discontinued a while ago. Your best bet is eBay where there are still some floating about and you can also try strawberrynet

  2. emel says

    Dear Row,
    Thank you for your answer so sad for that these were discontinued. Would you plase say me do you have a idea , knowledge about are they come out again or is Scott Barnes finished these lipslicks as you understand I want them so much.
    In strawberry net and eBay they have only one shade of lipslick it is smokey topaz but I am looking for provocative, suggestive like yours.
    Thank you again

    • Row says

      Hi Emel

      I will keep a look out. If I were you I would email Strawberry net and also keep a look out on ebay a while ago someone was selling those lip slicks. I believe SB is working on a new range too 😀