Review: Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razor

Something a bit different for you today! I picked up this Wilkinson Sword razor at Boots when it was half price (about £6.50 I think). One side is a razor one side is a electrical trimmer:


It uses one AAA battery. Well the razor side is excellent – I have to say I am very cheap when it comes to razors as I don’t have that much – erm, body hair, so I buy cheap but not too shabby disposable razors in packs of 10. They last me a year!

However, after using this kind of razor I can see why its far superior. Cuts closer, feels smoother.

The clipper attachment is nifty and can be used in the shower whilst wet but only seems to cut long hair. I mean…if you are already shall we say, tidy below at least, it isn’t really going to do much for you. You need to be…quite bushy, if you know what I mean, for this to be useful.


So therefore, no interesting shapes and patterns using this razor…if that is, erm, what you want. Its an excellent razor and the battery clipper is useful if you have long enough (I am thinking at least 2cm long) hair. Down there. Like a bear.

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