Review: Urban Decay Autumn 2009 Lipstick in Confession

For Autumn/Fall 2009 Urban Decay have 3 new shades of their rather glorious and glam lipsticks in Naked (Creamy Pink Nude), Oil Slick (Sheer black with sparkle) and Confession which is the one I have here:

urban decay lipstick confession oil slick naked.jpg

The packaging is sooo cool and unusual – its quite a heavy little thing too and can easily be converted into a weapon….if necessary.

Confession is a semi-sheer deep burgundy – not my usual kind of shade at all but as the guy in McDonalds always tells me, its good to try something new.

urban decay lipstick confession.jpg

The texture of this lipstick is so nice – soft and creamy, it reminds me of a lot of Japanese lipsticks (which tend to run on the sheer and moisturising side) but with pigment.

Confession is super scary in the tube – it almost looks like a black in broad daylight and it has no sparkle. The colour is different once applied on the lips although being Urban Decay, it is still very pigmented:

urban decay lipstick confession-1.jpg

Lip swatch:

urban decay oil slick lip stick confession.jpg

Excuse my messy lip line, no brush or pencil to hand. Its glossy, hydrating, pigmented just a really nice lipstick. I need to get my paws on the other two shades I think – I have a thing for black (sheer) on the lips at the moment and Naked I imagine is a great day to day shade.

Oh yes, and Confession left a light stain – it pretty much stays put for a good while even though its sheer and glossy. It’s recommended and if the shade isn’t for you, they have lots of nice colours to choose from in their vast range….maybe its time for me to do some collecting 😉

It’s Friday people! Time for Usher Karaoke!

Usher’s reaction when some girl calls him up to tell him she’s“3 months pregnant and keepin’ it” is to sing a song? My first reaction would be to do a Steve Bing/Eddie Murphy and go “Prove it! Prove it!” all over the national press. Confession? Not without a DNA test first, my darling.

You can buy Urban Decay here, ASOS, HQHair etc. and of course Boots!

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  1. says

    I have Oil Slick and Naked (and a relevant blog post ready to go…) and love them deffo worth getting! Think I may have to invest in Confession too! Purples aren’t usually my thing but the shade looks gorgeous!
    And the packaging, as usual, is ACE.
    (did i really just say ace?!)

    • Row says

      Hi Rebecca

      Ah! I want Oil Slick and Naked!!!! Cos the textures are gorgeous, right? Just that obession isn’t an every day shade x

  2. says

    I really loved the look of Oils Slick on Rebecca’s blog – Ace indeed! Funny – you’d think only MAC was doing Black lips lol – the chanel gloss is worth checking out too!

    • Row says

      Hi Mizz

      I went to have a look at the Chanel today! So glad it didn’t swatch that well on my hand or it would have been an expensive day. The gloss looks hot tho with the chunky bits of glitter! Its so dramatic!