Review: Too Faced Natural Eye Eyeshadow Palette

I have this little vendetta against make up in cardboard palettes – I don’t like their square little corners, I don’t like how bulky they are.

Therefore, a cardboard based palette has a hard time with me when it comes to review time. I am judging this book by its cover.

But then again….Too Faced’s palettes have been winning me over a lot lately. This Natural Eye palette for Autumn (or Fall if you like) at £22 seemed like a good investment:

too faced natural eye palette.jpg

I have been seriously steering myself towards natural colours because –

a. They are easier to wear and
b. Quicker to apply in the morning and
c. You can do more with the lip and
d. Its simple, its elegant

Here are the colours you get with the Too Faced:

too faced naturals eye.jpg

9 Colours in all, three lesson cards and a brush…
The shades have been divided up so its easy to use – Day eye (the mattes:

too faced natural eye.jpg

Classic Eye (second row) with more sparkle:

too faced naturals.jpg

Fashion Eye (with super metallics):

too faced natural .jpg

Here is the brush draw – it has a sponge and a stiffer liner brush. Its ok, not the most amazing brush you could get with this:

too faced natural eye-1.jpg

You get 3 cards in the lid that shows you how to apply the colour. To be honest they are all the same, practically. Get the base colour all over, medium colour in the crease and the darker colour in the outer V.

too faced natural eye-2.jpg

This palette is just GAW-JUSS. No two ways about it.

It would be so easy to dismiss a natural palette as boring – and there are enough variations here to keep things interesting. The top row (Day) is very very matte, is very simple and easy to wear. Its the most basic you can get but the matte shadow is the BEST matte I have ever used. Other companies who make mattes – take note.

The fashion row, for example is very funky and fun – the base shadow is very glittery and the cocoa puff is a gold infused brown. A bit like Nars Galapagos.

Here’s a quick look I did *just* with the Day shades. Excuse my crusty mascara:

too faced natural.jpg

It’s not completely portable tho – its my only complaint. I’d love this is a smaller palette at some point.

I will definitely use this every day – mixing the mattes with the shimmer because I like a bit of glitter in my life.

You can buy it here or from various stockists.

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