Review: Skinfood Black Garlic Face Cream

As soon as I heard there was a cream that had ‘Garlic’ in its name I had to buy it. You know what I’m like.

Apparently, Black Garlic “improves blood circulation & revitalize fatigue skin. Water-based with non-greasy quick absorption.”

black garlic.jpg

Yah, it looks pretty bad. Here is the face cream by Skinfood:

skinfood black garlic cream.jpg

According to the Skinfood website, the Black Garlic range works best for Normal – Dry skin. Now, I don’t know why this is called a cream because its actually quite clearly, a gel:

skinfood black garlic face cream.jpg

Does it smell like garlic?NO!

Ok so I didn’t want my face to smell of garlic. I don’t hate Mr Candy *that* much. But I was hoping it would just for comedy value. Nope – this just smells like a average face cream, with a bit of a light, slightly floral fragrance.

Here is the cream/gel:

skinfood black garlic face cream-1.jpg

Its quite a decent cream if you have normal – dry skin. Its pretty moisturizing, not really for oily skins but its a nice way to get some hydration but with a gel. There’s no SPF though but nevertheless, this is a nice product to try if you want to use something quite simple but effective.

I got this from eBay for about £9 including shipping.

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  1. diskogal says

    Ok, just the idea of black garlic, which reminds me of the garlic equivalent of a century egg (as if normal garlic wasn’t enough) and the colour of that cream (really, doesn’t it look like the yolk of a century egg?) were enough to make me stop eating what was left of today’s turkey…which isn’t such a bad thing, really.

    Why would anyone want to buy this??