Review: Kitten & Vixen ‘Eye Put A Spell On You’ Eye Kit

Oh my gosh, what a back log! Today I am reviewing this kit which is from Kitten & Vixen. This super cute kit comes with a dual ended pencil liner and mascara, a sponge applicator and a sharpener.

Kitten Vixen .jpg

Eye Put A Spell on You………….

Kitten Vixen Cosmetics, by the way are not tested on animals and the range is free from synthetic fragrances and colours. The pigments used in the products are mineral based.

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This is one of those presents that would make a cool gift because the presentation is so lovely. This set comes in three variations – Burgundy (the one I have) Moss Green and Navy Blue.

Kitten Eye Kit.jpg

You know I love my dual use, compact products. I do. Was this set any good?Well….its ok.

I love the idea of Burgundy as something that works well with brown eyes (although it also looks quite brown based rather than purple based – I would have loved it to be more purply).

The Sharpener I have a boo boo with. I used it and put it in my big make up bag, and the lid came off – its not madly secure so I had sharpenings all over my make up.

kitten and vixen .jpg

The mascara is ok. It gives quite a natural effect – the brush I like because it gives a clean look, but its not for you if you want volume.

The pencil side – as its a chunky I presumed would be mega creamy and soft but it was a little dry. It wasn’t horrible to use on my eyes but it wasn’t anywhere near as soft as I had expected.

Oh chunky nib. You let me down.

kitten & Vixen.jpg

You can see the swatches below:

kitten & vixen .jpg


Its a very very cute set and like I said quite a nice gift, but the products themselves didn’t, in the words of Shania, impress me much – or not enough anyway to go and buy the other two sets.

You can see the range here.

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