Review: ELF High Definition HD Face Powder

I was sent this ELF High Definition Loose Powder to test quite a while ago but have only had a chance recently to give it a go. (I am working on a post/video on the best make up for photographs so this HD face powder popped into mind).

There’s been plenty of hype surround this plainly packaged £6 powder. For one thing, its cheap (ELF is of course, known for being very very affordable with a large selection of the make up at £1.50), and this powder is supposed to cover pores, and leave a nice finish too.

So it comes in this box:

High Definition Powder ELF.jpg

The ELF studio line reminds me of Nars, but less….rubbery. The container is a sort of shiny plastic…it would look more expensive with a matte finish. Pernickety? Moi?!

ELF HIgh definition powder.jpg

ELF says that this powder – creates a “soft focus” effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion. The incredibly soft and invisible powder is great for on-screen and everyday wear.

ELF HD Powder.jpg

The powder itself is white, but has a brushes away nicely to leave a non chalky finish. No horrible residue here. Its got quite a light texture, and absorbs oil nicely to keep me matte. The powder can’t really add any coverage – there’s no pigment in it but it does leave this skin with a really lovely, soft glow.

The powder:

ELF Loose Powder HD.jpg

I have a pet hate for translucent powders, I think they always leave looking slightly whiter than I prefer and in photographs – forget it. I look like Casper’s long lost sister.

However this powder is the first white powder I’ve put on my face and not though GAH! about. Very good.

The powder:

ELF HD Powder .jpg

Brushes away to:

ELF High definition powder .jpg

I don’t detect any glittery edge to the product, and it leaves a matte but non-dead finish.


Was that review too quick? Let’s just say I’m very drowsy at the moment…

Anyway – when it comes to ELF, I do think its a great brand for the price and excellent if you are on budget, but no, in all honesty, its not a brand that I would go out of my way to buy from…you know I like my luxuries….

However – I would make an exception for this powder. It didn’t leave any nasty colour cast my face and it absorbed oil without looking heavy or cakey. My skin looked soft and glowy for most of the day and its just a really easy to use, easy to apply product for not very much money.

I also want to give similar powders a try (MUFE and even Dior’s Extreme Fix), and even if these two powders are better than ELF’s, ELF”s powder is still only a fraction of the price.

Worth trying? Yes definatissimo!


Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica*

*There has been various issues raised regarding the use of Silica. I believe this powder, along with MUFE’s HD Powder, which is pure Silica is silicone dioxide which doesn’t react with lung tissue to cause Silicosis.

Read more about it here and here.

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  1. liloo says

    oh yay this is exciting. after reading charlotte’s views on it, I wanted to buy it. I am not sure anymore. I got dry skin, and avoid powder like pest. I need to find someone with dry old skin like me to review it now, and quick before the elf ‘no postage’ promotion ends haha. thank you soooooooooooo much for this review. yes it was a bit on the short side. x

  2. says

    I’ve just ordered this and seesm the general concensus across the beauty blogging world is that it’s amazing. Will see how it fares, going to compare it’s matifying powers to MAC blot powder, that I recently bought and don’t love. Thanks for the review- perfect timing :)

  3. says

    I am SO glad that you finally reviewed this–I’ve been wanting to hear your view on this product for so long :) I’m really debating whether or not to get this or the MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I might go with this just because of the price, haha. Thanks again!

  4. Claire says

    Very nice, I was undecided about if I should buy it or not. Now I should very well get it!

    On another note, are the winners of the 5 days giveaway chosen yet? I would love to see if I won!! Fingers crossed.

  5. Sandra says

    I find it ridiculously amusing that people are concerned about the silica in this powder when the first 2 ingredients in this product are dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer LOL This really proves how uninformed & uneducated women are regarding ingredients of products. I personally would never use this product due to the dimethicone in it. For people with acne & skin or other allergies, or a tendency to break out in facial rashes, unexplained bumps & various other dermal irritations, that’s the nasty ingredient which they should actually be concerned about. It would be better off to simply buy some dirt cheap pure silica powder in bulk form & use that as their powder. $2.50 worth would last them forever. Many products – including expensive, high end types – use dimethicone in their products. So people shouldn’t mistakenly delude themselves thinking that this ingredient is only in cheaper products. Dimethicone has, unfortunately, become insidious in the cosmetics industry. It can be found – along with various other types of silicones – in most cosmetics & skin care products today, unfortunately. No matter how cheap or expensive. Because of ELF’s misguided decision to use dimethicone, the only use I can see for this product is not the product itself. It’s actually the packaging. I’d dump the powder & keep the package to store & use my good quality loose powder in it. I just may buy it for that reason alone if I can still find it in Target.

    ELF’s Studio line is amazingly great for such cheap products. Shockingly so. But this product I would steer clear of. The last thing any of us need is skin problems, which the majority of us seem to be constantly dealing with in one form or another.