Review: Divaderme Lash Extender Lashes in a Bottle

The idea of using loose fibers to ‘bulk up’ the lashes is nothing new – Make Up Forever and Tweezerman, for example make a whitish powder that you apply to the lashes. My experience with loose fibers is usually so-so. For one thing, my eyes are sensitive so applying pure fibers is like pouring malt vinegar on to eczema.

Nevertheless I decided to try out Divaderme’s lash extender…

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This one is black which make much more sense than the white powders that take an age to coverup with your mascara. The little brush is to get rid of the fibers.

To use:

1. Put a mirror under your chin and look down at it

2. Put one coat of mascara on – a fresh non clumpy mascara

3. Apply Lash extender tapping it first to get rid of the fibers

4. Apply the fibers to the end of your lashes in a rolling motion

5. Seal with 1 or 2 coats. Add more if you want.

The brush:

DSC02927 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


1. It was very easy to work and the fibers were light and didn’t irritate my eye

2. It added thickness and length more than I could have got with just mascara


1. It made my lashes flop a little

Overall – this product is a vast improvement on all the other fiber lash extenders that came before it. As always, an issue with me is my lashes being weighed down so applying fibers to them is always going to affect them somewhat.

Having said that I was impressed by how non-irritating it was and no massive clumps like I got with previous brands. I’ll save this for weekends and special occasions, and use it with a mascara I know for a fact holds curl, like my Tiffa or SANA Big Curl mascara.

It’s £24 (a bottle will last forever) and go here to find a stockist.

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  1. DeeDee says

    I used Talika and Longicils..both I decided to try this version. But my version is from Beauty Boutique catalog…a totally different pictured item from the product I received in the mail..well a long story short..

    THIS IS AMAZING..My lashes look like false lashes..I love this stuff..I am on my 3rd order from Beauty Boutique of this item(stocking up)..Now I want to get Rapid Lash and get my own lashes long and thick. If that product works..then I’ll use Lash Ext on my newly grown lashes…and VOILA…

  2. DeeDee says

    thanks…I finally used Rapid Lash and this product is an ok didn’t get my lashes to the VOILA but some reasonable length..but I still use my Divaderme(well similar to it) and now folks are asking if my lashes are real or fake…this never happened before..i guess I’ll still use the R.Lash and this together…I now have 3 jars of this stuff…Question??..What do you do when this product starts to clump up? My Fibre’s are starting to turn into little balls and I don’t want to waste it….thanks..

    • Row says

      Hi Dee Dee

      I can ask a rep what to do – I know what you mean though, it balls up quite easy and gets clumpy on me. I am guessing storing it somewhere really cool would help (like the fridge) but I struggle with this kind of fibre product in general, its just too thick for my lashes!

  3. Diana says

    I have just ordered this from ebay so hopefully all the hype will prove right for me too!

    To answer DeeDee’s question, I am guessing that because you have to put mascara on before putting on the little fibres – while the mascara is still wet(!) – so then after applying your fibres on the mascara you put it back in the little tube, it could be why there are little balls forming… Maybe try tissue the wet mascara off before putting the fibre wand back in?

    Just an idea hope you get to read this and it helps :)

  4. says

    A waste of money, agreed with the people who said it made there lashes fall out. Not a good product to use regularly, much better with an Lancome mascara cannot beat that and believe it or not much cheaper ! USE THIS PRODUCT WITH CAUTION

  5. Ann says

    can someone let me know the difference between dividerm eyelash extender fibers and talika eyelash extender fibers.