Review: Chantecaille Real Skin Translucent Make Up Foundation

Chantecaille is one of those brands that I love to ooh and ahh over, but its so expensive that I can only buy it occasionally. I picked up the Real Skin Translucent Foundation Compact and the concealers the other day, because quite frankly, it was about time!

Here is the foundation:

Chantecaille Real Skin Translucent Make Up.jpg

Real Skin foundation is a compact, and has a very light texture with a SPF of 30.

They say:

* Our New form of micronized titanium blends perfectly with skin tone
* Ideal protection for city, beach and ski
* Refillable compact in galvanized nickel, comes with a unique Japanese sponge and a navy fabric pouch

I got this foundation in Warm:

Chantecaille Foundation .jpg

Let’s cut to the chase. This foundation is very very lovely but it is Translucent coverage. It says so. So don’t bother buying this and expecting medium or full coverage, cos it ain’t happening.

But what it does do, is gently smooth out the skintone and adds a glow. To be honest, to use this base you probably will already have quite decent skin – its not for those with lots to cover up.

Having said that – I kind of like it. I am aiming for clearer, brighter skin this year (lots of skincare tweaking to get there I think) so hopefully, this will become my day to day base, with a little concealer.

The foundation on my skin:

Chantecaille Real Skin Foundation-1.jpg

Verdict:Its a good quality foundation thats great for people who already have good skin and just want some glow and freshening up.


Chantecaille Real Skin Foundation.jpg

Buy it here for £44.

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  1. leez says

    Ooh this sounds perfect for me! How is it on oily skin? I’m an NC40 with combination skin…