Review: Chanel Blanc De L’Ongle Sheer Ivory Base Coat for Nails

I’m not a nail polish person. I still have quite a few, but its wishful thinking. I do not have the attention span to apply colour, and once it starts to chip I can’t be bothered taking if off, and if there is even the slightest imperfection I have to take the whole lot off, immediately.

Then I also think that it ruins and dries my nails out. Nails need to breathe sometimes! Don’t even get me started on false nails (my friend is a cosmetic scientist and the bacteria you get growing between falsies and the nail bed is, as she scientifically put it, ‘urgh’). But I digress.

If I am tempted, which I am for a special occasion, I will always use one base only – Chanel Blanc De L’Ongle Sheer Ivory Base Coat…or the white one, which is what I ask for at the counter.

Chanel also do a clear base called Protection Extreme, but anyway, I tried this one out because they handed it to me by mistake.

Whats nice about it is that it dries very very quickly, and forms a matte, smooth base for the polish.

It really helps with a smooth application when the base itself is matte and has given the polish something to cling to.

Because it is white, if you are applying a sheer or light colour, you may want two coats. This is only a small downside anyhow – whenever I have used this it makes taking the colour off very easy as your nail will be stainless. Even with four coats of Rouge Noir (erm – layers to cover up happens!).

If I HAVE to use polish, then I have to use a good base. This one is really worth the money in my opinion!

Rating — 5/5

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