Review: Cargo OneBase Concealer & Foundation in One!

A few weeks ago I noticed that there was a sale on the Cargo counter in my local supermarket (yes they sell Cargo!). I haven’t opened the products I bought yet….but we’ll ignore that.

Today I am looking at one of the things I bought – the OneBase concealer and foundation in one!

cargo onebase foundation.jpg

I paid about £6.50 for this (half price). There are only 4 shades, I chose shade 3 – the others were too dark and too light. However, shade 3 is very yellow.

cargo one base-1.jpg

I love quick use, all in one products but they don’t also work so well. What did I think of this?

This comes in a squeezy soft tube and the applicator is a sponge. Its good for a concealer but is it the best applicator for a foundation? Well, it will do.

cargo one base foundation.jpg

Despite being very yellow, it actually blended in quite nicely to my NC35 toned skin. Its a nice creamy texture and has a good level of coverage (covered redness for me). Its a bit heavy for anyone who wants a light cover – this is a concealer too remember!

The only downside to this is that it fades quicker than I’d like – about 4 hours into wear I could see my redness poking through. Still I have been carrying it around as a top up product and a quick fix and it works.


cargo one base.jpg

After, one coat:

foundation cargo.jpg

The colour range isn’t wonderful and it could never be, in my opinion, a proper base replacement but as a quick on the go item, it works a treat!

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  1. Alli says

    Your lashes look amazing in this pic! What mascara are you using?
    And I think the concealer/foundation does a lovely job, but I will pass, this girl needs 24/7 coverage :)