Nars The Multiple in G-Spot and The Multiple Laguna Swatches and Review

Did I ever tell you I collect Nars Multiples?  Check out the tags to see my other swatches!  And here is my home made Nars Multiple palette!

Nars multiples are not without problems; they can be a bit oily, they used to give me spots, and they are pretty expensive at £29 each.

I recently hauled G-Spot (that name!) from the counter, purely because it felt like a while since Nars released a decent multiple (not a weird highlighter like Luxor or the bronze toned one that was absolutely chocka with hardcore glitter).  I also have Laguna multiple here which I bought a few months back online:

Nars The Multiple in G Spot and Laguna Swatches and Review

One good thing about The Multiples is that they last forever! They are pretty chunky things and I have yet to finish one up. Now first G-Spot…

Oh Nars. Why G-Spot?  I didn’t really think too much about it at first then imagined how I would feel asking someone else to pick me up a ‘G-Spot’.

It’s a pretty wearable rose shade with gold shimmers:

Nars The Multiple in G Spot and Laguna Swatches and Review 1

Argh! Mine was damaged but I couldn’t be bothered swapping it.  One thing to remember (and I learned the hard way) is to never twist the whole thing up because it locks in.

Now – the texture of The Multiples, I think, have improved from the originals.  They are softer and creamier and I haven’t had any break outs from it. Hurrah!

Swatch – I do try to avoid any blush with red-tones in it so I would prefer something with a pinker edge but actually, this looks fine on:

Nars The Multiple in G Spot and Laguna Swatches and Review 2

I have been using this loads just because it is so easy. It’s quite a grown up cheek colour that doesn’t require much effort.

Laguna is (as you may know) one of Nars’ best selling bronzers.  This is the stick version which is very metallic – the original powder I believe is shimmer free which is what makes it so good!

Nars The Multiple in G Spot and Laguna Swatches and Review 3

Despite my original urgh at the metallic-ness of this multiple, it really did look fine on, but I do have an olive complexion, so it just blended in quite well. It’s a real true bronze, no ugly orange-ness and just…BRONZE.


Nars The Multiple in G Spot and Laguna Swatches and Review 4

Both of these are nice additions to my collection and quite useful too.  I guess my love for Nars Multiples is back!

Have you ever tried Nars Multiples?

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  1. I’m glad you got G-Spot! It’s such a great colour, despite the suggestive name!

  2. I loveeeee my multiples, my fave is rapa nui, the perfect contour product, creamy in consistency, very easy to blend out, and is matte and perfect for my skintone, i would cry if nars made this product discontinued. Its the best thing ever!

  3. I wish they hadn’t discontinued colours like Malaysia, etc. I’m always trying to get my hands on that one! x

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