Ministry of Waxing Covent Garden: Lady Waxing Experience No. 2

There was a girl at work recently, and she was on the phone, trying to think of an organisation…‘Ministry of……’ – she turned to me, and my first gut reaction was to say, ‘waxing’ – to which she looked at me slightly aghast, typed something into her keyboard and said down the receiver ‘justice’.

It’s funny, but when you constantly see something every day or am completely engrossed in a world (in my case, all things beauty), your brain just starts to think that way automatically.

Then again I had booked in for a lady waxing treatment at Ministry of Waxing at Covent Garden, so maybe that’s why it was floating in my consciousness.

Here it is:

Ministry of Waxing

Ministry of Waxing is a great name, although I’d prefer Ministry of Wax, like the horror film, House of Wax.  It has a ring to it?!

Ministry of Waxing hails from Singapore of all places, and was established in 2001.  Since then, they’ve opened branches all over Asia (Shanghai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, New York and the two in London).

I found it quite interesting that they hailed from South East Asia, because South East Asian women  are not that hairy.  Apparently their popularity in Asia comes because of the hygiene aspect of waxing the lady parts – obviously Asia can be hot and humid and being hairless means (possibly) being less sweaty.

Anyway – I opted for a Brazillian wax, and arrived optimistically at the trendy Covent Garden Salon which has a industrial look to it.  You are taken downstairs where the waxer (in my case a lady called…Amanda. I am sure it was Amanda?! Sorry, I am 98% sure but incase her name is Penelope or something – I’M SORRY) grabs a wet wipe pack for you to give yourself a…quick clean.

I read other reviews I went about this boom-boom-boom music being played – yes there was music but it wasn’t that loud, and I also read about being handed a squishy chimp – which I wasn’t given. It’s probably just as well, I might’ve thrown it at Amanda’s head when it got painful.

Globe things in the room:

Ministry of waxing

So I lay down in the small room, and got myself ready. Amanda had a very soft Irish accent, seriously makes everything sound nicer – she may’ve said ‘I’m gonna smash your face in’ and it still would’ve sounded gentle.

The wax used on the privates is a chocolate wax and no strips. It smells like chocolate (not that you get to eat it) and it’s very pliable.  The technique (no ice, no talc beforehand!) was to stick two areas with wax, and then keep this up to that as one is being ripped, the other is hardening.  As soon as the wax is ripped, a cold wipe is applied to the area to confuse the nerves.

The ripping did feel quite hard – at the end of the day the pain is different for everyone, and I kind of like it in a weird way. Some parts do make you physically jump because it’s such a shock. An ice cream soothing lotion is applied after.

I did lose my nerve somewhat – I guess I just felt quite weak that day and after neatening the front and any loose ‘edges’ Amanda asked if I wanted to go for the full Brazillian and i said no – it just wasn’t one of those days.

Nevertheless I as left with a neat look and it only took about 25 minutes.

There was no funny positions or anything embarrassing – here is the bed of doom I had to lie on and here is the position of waxing as demonstrated by a stick man:

Ministry of Waxing 1

Overall the whole experience was super quick (that’s how you want it!) and efficient and the result is good too. They did recommend a few products to me afterwards, which I politely declined and it was fine – I didn’t get any hard sell that some people mentioned on reviews i’ve read elsewhere.

My first waxing experience with Arezoo was still the ultimate, I have to say, but since it’s not as easy to get an appointment with Arezoo I’d recommend Ministry of Waxing too, since it’s quite an easy place to pop in to.

Prices vary from £15 to a basic bikini to £39 for a full brazillian.


19A Floral Street
City of London WC2E 9DS

020 7240 7004

*This was a complimentary treatment



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