The Body Shop Lip Roll On Lip Oil 100% Natural Kiss of Moisture!

You know I have an obsession for all kinds of lip care product so I squealed when I saw these rather clever new Lip Roll On’s from The Body Shop!

This is a lip oil – they aren’t calling it a lip balm or a lip gloss although admittedly it could be all three.  They claim the product is non waxy and non sticky (but it will be, er, oily) and is available from July 2011.

The body shop natural lip roll on

It is made entirely of natural oils and ingredients from around the world and has the rollerball applicator.  Ok, ok, so I am sure I have seen this design before for a lip product but I love how The Body Shop one has 5 flavours and is made of natural ingredients!….

There are 5 flavours:

Zesty Orange

Romantic Rose

Berry Goodness

Drift Away Coconut

Revitalising Mint.

As far as I can see they are not tinted.  Me? I’m a coconut and mint kinda gal.

Ingredients include Soya Oil from Brazil, Olive Oil from Italy and old favourites like Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil etc.

They look and sound great, I wonder if the rollerball will work well (sometimes they don’t) and if the oily texture alone will be enough to provide hydration. I’m also not a fan of the – I’ve just eaten fried rice and not wiped my mouth look – either and it’s a fine line when you use a clear glossy lip product.

We’ll see!

These will cost £4 each and it’s launched in July 2011.

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  1. Sarah S. says

    These always last about a milisecond on the lips (rollerball oil-based lippies, I mean)…

  2. Jen says

    lol the i’ve-just-eaten-fried-rice comment made me laugh out loud 😀 I don’t particularly go for oil-based lip products, a lot of them don’t feel like they have any…substance…to them, so hopefully this one will!

  3. Lilly says

    I have got all of these and were only £3 each, it is really good for lips but dries up quickly and also the people in body shop said it’s fine to tase(sometimes on others you can’t) and they smel and tase good!

    So buy and enjoy!

  4. Mia says

    hahahahahahhha I just have to say, that I think it’s hilarious how anyone would think that all these essential oils are not substantial for the lips! For the love of knowledge! What are people learning in biology class? And from product ingredient listings!? The best ingredients that any high-end brands can offer, is the essential oils, and in all organic lip products, the most essential and important thing is the essential oils! In fact, when looking for lip care products, you must choose the ones with the most essential oils! Because THATS what’s good for the epidermis of the lip!!!!

  5. marshi says

    I love the way they smell but they do make your lips very dry, also , a couple of months after I brought one, it started to smell REAlLY awful like mouldy cheese :( I brought another one( a different flavour) and now, a couple of months later, its got that mouldy cheese smell like my other one :( I’m really disappointed now , and I followed the instructions and shook it every time before I used it