Mini Trish McEvoy Haul: Filling up my double decker palette!

I love sticking everything into one palette, I just like everything compact and handy!

The smaller the palette the better.

Trish McEvoy make one of the better palette systems out there that is highly customizable (ie. you can buy planner pages or you can buy these self managing compacts like the one i have here in 3 sizes, and you can even stick these into a planner (which is like a beauty filofax) via the extra clip supplied).

It’s very well thought out. It’s also not cheap!


I’ve had this double decker palette for a while, I think at the time I paid about £15 which is a lot of a empty palette but then again, in line with Shu Uemura type prices. The case is well made and you can put other bits into it – it’s got a magnetic base.

I also like how there are 2 layers to the case – means you don’t end up carrying a stupidly wide palette.

Here is what I bought to fill up the palette:


I picked up the Black Eyeshadow Definer in Matte, the matte dual bronzer in medium (limited edition, the lady found me one in the back) and a blusher in Natural (which is actually quite a bright pink!).

This is how Trish McEvoy colours come, in plastic sleeves.

I do think that Trish need to find a better way to present the loose colours because it is not a cheap brand (I think I paid £12 for the liner, £16 for the blush and £26 for the bronzer – sorry it was before Christmas I bought these and I don’t remember the exact cost but it was around those prices).

Like Shu Uemura, a brand that works well with palettes, they need to supply these colours in sturdy plastic cases so that people can decide if they want to buy the planners and palettes or just use what the product came in – because these plastic cases are too flimsy for safekeeping.

Here are my three purchases!


So I already have some make up to use in the palette. The top tier is:

A translucent powder, the blush and dual matter bronzer:


On the bottom is my nude shade, a gold, light blue, and three definer shades, blackberry, black and deep blue (I like my strong shades). I also have the deluxe diamond shadow in crystal which is sparkly and can be used with any of these shades.

Deluxe colours are shades that are double the size of the normal ones and usually work out better value (as long as it’s a shade you use a lot!).


Here it is! I figured this could be a handy palette to take away with me, all I need is a mini brush set and I am done! Oh and some lip products!


What about you? Do you like having everything in one palette?

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  1. JenT says

    I love the combination of colours you’ve put together, definitely would be enough to take on holiday with you and do different looks for day and night :) I’ve lusted after some of their holiday travel palettes and brush sets because they just seem so handy and easy to carry, but I didn’t know they did customisable ones. I like how it’s double layered instead of being too wide, means it’s easier to stick in the handbag! I really like the look of the makeup planner systems as well! Thanks for the review :)

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      The planner is good if you are going away for a few days otherwise its too big for me for day to day 😀 their palette system is one of the best I think :)