Majolica Majorca Frame Plus Mascara

I have tried so many mascaras…I am getting Mascara fatigue. It’s true. I still don’t have a HG. I still don’t have the fail proof mascara. I have found ones that last and curl but are a buggery to get off – that’s the best I can do at the moment* (Although I have something coming in the post which will either be a HUGE disappointment or absolutely amazing. Will let you know as soon as I have received it and tried it out).

Meanwhile, I bought Majolica Majorca’s new mascara, ‘Frame Plus’


My experiences with MJ mascaras’s are only so-so. I have tried all of them and the worst was the last one – gorgeous wing – did NOTHING, NADA.

I like the brush for the Frame Plus:


As you an see its very fibery:


I am getting to grips with comb mascaras. I like the face that you can comb the lash on top – it really makes a difference.

1 Coat:


2 Costs:


It’s a nice mascara. It lengthens for sure and is nicely separated. That is it’s plus points. On the other hand its quite a fiddly brush – there’s no quick application here, you have to take your time a bit and really work with it for a nice result.

There’s lots of fibers in it, so it adds length. My eyes weren’t irritated (the first MJ mascara I got irritated the hell out of my eyes) but I am sure if I had less time to apply and got the mascara too close to the root it would irritate.

It was waterproof like most MJ mascara’s are and was ok to remove although I had to tug a bit to get the fibers off (my lashes have been falling out lately…sigh…I need to find a less harsh option then the super water tight Japanese mascaras that I use, methinks).

What else can I say? it was NICE. It gave a nice effect but its a bit fiddly to use.

It still isn’t HG though. Tiffa, SANA and Intergrate’s mascaras are still better in terms of volume and curl and general unfussiness to use (but they are all a buggery to get off).

It’s ok ladies! I am hoping the mascara to end all mascara’s is in the post!

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    • Row says

      Hi Gloria

      That looks lovely!!!! But I am trying to avoid super hard to remove mascaras!!! My lashes are being pulled out every day I will soon be eyelashless!

  1. Rose says

    I love Clinique – high Definition mascara. It seperates and lengthens and is really, really black. But then I’m not a fan of thick lashes or the whole ‘curl’ thing. Just use curlers, are we really that lazy??!!! 😛

    • Row says

      Hey Rose!

      The thing is though, for someone like me I curl my lashes good but with the wrong kind of mascara, they just fall limp! Uh-huh. Having said that curl mascara’s not necessarily do the job either. I had a lash perm a while back which worked well (it hurts my eyes to curl the lashes constantly) but I don’t fancy having all those chemicals near them again!

  2. Rose says

    mmm… It’s an interesting point of beauty I think. Everyone likes the natural/organic/ gentle lotions and potions that are so in vogue right now, but you also want products that are going to work!!!

    It would be interesting to read a poll of people who buy technology driven product [that normally has no concern for natural or organic produce] and those who buy a product that is only paraben-free/ SLS-free/ mineral-oil free etc.

    nothing to do with mascara, apologies!!