Lips of the Day: Kitten Vixen Lip Gloss in Ravishing Ruby

You can never have enough lip products – honest!

Today’s LOTD is from Kitten Vixen; this gloss is vegan certified, cruelty free, free from parabens and free from petrolatum – good!

Now, this only comes in three shades, Peach Provocateur, Ravishing Ruby and Tickled Pink. Each shade is supposed to flatter a certain colouring so I was sent Ravishing Ruby for my medium skintone and dark hair.


It looks like jam:

If it was me I would’ve gone for the peach, I’m a peach kind of girl. It has a similar texture to jam, it’s very glossy and sort ‘dollopy’ Does that make sense?! In terms of gloss and hydration this gloss is good but I think the colour is unremarkable:


It just looks like a slightly warm gloss on me – nothing exciting. The product itself (free of parabens etc.) is good so I hope they bring out more interest shades to choose from.

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