New RMK Base Products

Released for Spring 2009 , RMK have some new base products. I am a big fan of the creamy foundation…it’s my second fav after La Mer’s. On the RMK site it says:

RMK _ Base Make up _ Powder Foundation.jpg

It looks like there is a main powder and a highlight shade? I like the fact that there is a sponge for the first application and a brush for topping up through the day. The shades:

RMK _ Base Make up _ Powder Foundation-1.jpg

I am a 103 in the winter, a 104 in the summer but I’ve noticed there’s a 104L and 104 – I presume its a step between the 103 and 104? Could be the perfect shade for me.

RMK _ Base Make up _ Powder Foundation-2.jpg

The RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact looks like it’s 2 basic concealers and a basic powder. I already have the RMK concealer which is EXCELLENT for facial blemishes but it is really thick and sticky. It’s a perfect concealer in that sense – It covers and stays but it’s not good for under the eyes. Cue…

RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer

RMK _ Base Make up _ Powder Foundation-3.jpg
RMK _ Base Make up _ Powder Foundation-4.jpg

I like the look of EX-01 because it looks salmony, which is good for circles. However – this may just be a liquid version of the concealer, as opposed to a product made directly for under the eyes.

We shall see once it arrives in the UK!

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