Lips of the Day: B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Liquid in Clear Sparkle

My lips are pretty pigmented as it is so sometimes, I just use clear lip gloss – although this does remind me of being 14 again.

One of my recent cheap purchases is this B&C Makemania lip gloss in Clear Sparkle:

sony lip gloss B&C sony .jpg

It comes in three shades, Clear Sparkle, Clear Red and Clear Red Beige. I really like the squeezy bottle as you can get all the product out.

b&c lip gloss clear sparkle.jpg

Clear sparkle isn’t 100% bland. Within the clear gloss is a slightly, ever so slightly sheer pink tint with lots of micro sparkles, which looks nicer than the picture would suggest:

curvy lip silicone lip gloss sparkle plumper.jpg

The idea of this product is that its supposed to be lip plumping – it makes your lips look “curvy” but there’s no nasty tingly stuff going on. Good.I’ve never like tingly lip products. I like a hint of peppermint but not when your running to the nearest sink to dunk your face in it because your mouth is on fire.

Applicator – I like these flat shaped ones, useful if you have full lips:

sony cp lip gloss curvy.jpg

The result:

curvy lip silicone lip gloss sparkle sony labs.jpg

It was a cheap buy, about £5 from here. Nice little lipgloss for those of you who don’t want anything too fussy.

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  1. Lucy says

    Ooo, looks nice :) Also, are you using a new camera or different lighting? Your photos have been really good lately!