Review: Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme Compact Makeup

So every so often (twice a week) I go freaky at work and decide I need a recreational make up shopping lunch break (if you are reading this Mr Candy, look away NOW).

2 weeks ago I went to Estee Lauder in Boots as they had a Gift With Purchase. Now – I generally don’t ever buy foundation without some research beforehand because if I don’t like it, I am stuck with it….

Anyway, Estee Lauder. The girl that served me was young – so young – and she had poofy hair, Dynasty style. Good SA though, and noticed right away that my skin was parched to the point of mild eczema (more on this in another post).

Somehow I talked her into trying a creme foundation on me:

estee lauder resilience lift extreme creme foundation.jpg

Estee Lauder Resilience Life Extreme. Didn’t know anything about this foundation beforehand. I do know that my skin always looks healthier with a creme finish foundation than with a powdery one. SPF15? £27? Ok, I can live with it..

Comes in a sleek EL compact with a sponge on the bottom and a mirror. Good – I have this slightly bizarre thing for foundations that have sponges that sit above or below the foundation not next to it. Obsessive compulsive? Me? Never!

estee lauder creme lift.jpg

Check out my before and after after the jump!
I can’t remember what colour the SA used on me first but I remember thinking ever so slightly too pink-beige. I nearly went for it then remembered the 20 foundations that are in my drawer because the shade is ever so slightly off.

Did she have something more yellow? Yep, she said, Cashew. There are 16 shades to pick from which is a pretty good range of colours.

I love Cashew nuts, but they are quite fattening, did ya know?

estee lauder palette resilience foundation.jpg

Cashew is the perfect medium toned yellow shade for my NC35.

They Say:

For more lift, more moisture, more radiance-in a compact makeup.

This skin-caring formula combines age-defying treatment technology with a radiant, flawless look. All with the convenience of a compact creme makeup.

More lift.

Helps give skin a more lifted, firmer, younger look with the exclusive ExtremeLift³ Complex-proven in our best-selling Resilience Lift Extreme skincare collection.

Its true. I am just always in a rush, hence I need a quick base. What can be quicker than a creme foundation that sets itself?

My before and after, using one quick application of the base (I took it around my eye too):


I didn’t think about the ‘lifting’ quality of the product but actually – yes it is lifting. I notice this around the lips in particular – I am not sure why it makes me skin look a little less tired in the mornings but I feel that it does. Light reflecting properties perhaps? Can’t complain about a base that works as some kind of treatment too.

estee lauder foundation results.jpg


I really like this foundation….never planned to buy yet another base but as I mentioned, creme foundation are great on my dry skin (I hate floury looking faces) and its good for on the go (which I always am).

In terms of hydration, my skin looks much better – at the moment its fighting a dry phase which means I end up with red flaky patches (sorted this out with a particular cream…will talk it this later this week) but this has left my skin glowy.

The coverage to me is medium. Yes it can be sheered out (esp if you wet the sponge) or you can build it up. But when you apply it quickly I would say the coverage is medium and more than adequate for me. It covers redness, pores, shadows etc.

Now – would this work on oily skins? I would say that oily skins would need a light dose of powder to keep it set otherwise it will slide. It does set to an extent but not to a powder finish – its more dewy. But highly recommended for drier skins or people who want a foundation thats easy to use with good coverage.

You can buy this online or from any Estee Lauder counter. My other purchase was the Charity Pink Lip Collection, reviews on that later this week!

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  1. Pam says

    I’m glad you liked this but I hated it-it didn’t offer nearly the coverage I wanted and I had used Estee Lauder creme foundations before. I wanted medium-coverage (my skin isn’t bad but I don’t like sheer foundation). I ended up putting extra powder on my face to get the coverage I wanted. I didn’t use it long-it wasn’t worth it and I was disappointed at the quality of what should have been a good product.

    • Row says

      Hi Pam

      Shame it didn’t work for you! I found it gave me medium coverage to be honest, with the sponge. It pretty much covered all my blemishes and redness which I was very happy about!