Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette Review and Swatches! Part 2

Hurrah! So I got my paws on my own Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette (£14 – for the tin, brush and a neutral matte eyeshadow called Walk of Shame, exclusive to the palette).  There’s space in here for 6 colours in total.  

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

The tin is not really compact enough to take out with you day to day I think, but it’s not big and cumbersome either (I’d happily take it out for a weekend away for example) and there’s not that much wasted space.  The mirror is huge and really handy.  The brush is also of good quality. 

Back of the tin:

Urban Decay Build your Own palette 1

The eyeshadows click into place and it’s fairly easy to remove and put new colours in.  I am so glad they put a neutral matte shade in here – It’s a really good base colour and if I were left to my own devices I’d probably skip the neutrals and end up with a palette full of screaming greens.

Urban Decay Build your own palette 2

Here is what the new Urban Decay eyeshadows look like. Before these shadows I’ve owned a couple of Urban Decay colours but if I am honest, they weren’t my first choice of shadows over say, Shu Uemura or MAC.  

The new formulation is excellent; colours that I previously felt were a little chalky are super creamy and buttery smooth. 

Urban Decay Radium Kush Build your own palette

You basically pop out the eyeshadow by applying some pressure to the bottom of the colour. It’s fairly easy to do, I just made sure I applied pressure in the centre of the pan so not to have any accidents!

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette 3

These shadows are quite thick! Unlike say, Shu Uemura shadows that are much smaller once taken out of their case, UD ones are still quite thick:

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette 4

Ok so wanna see the colours I picked?!

Urban Decay Build a Palette Walk of Shame Chase Mushroom Kush Radium Cobra

Walk of Shame – Neutral Matte, came with the palette

Chase – a soft golden shade super creamy texture

Mushroom – taupe silvery type shade super creamy too!

Kush – not as vivid as I imagined but it’s a rich green with a slightly glittery texture

Radium – vivid rich blue

Cobra – blackened khaki type shadow, there’s gold-green running through this

I basically went for a mixture of super wearable shades like Chase and Mushroom, and rather than boring black, I went for Cobra which is more glittery.  I also picked 2 of my favourite type of bold shades, hence the choice of a bright green and blue. I think the taupe and blue go together well, and green and gold go well.


Urban Decay EyeshadowsBuild your own palette

I love the texture of these new shadows, they really are lovely.  

Each shadow is £14 each and the palette is £14 which is fine because it’s a sturdy tin plus you get a shadow and brush! It would be good if they brought out more options for people who want to store more colours. 

Verdict: Well worth collecting

Would you invest in the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette system?!

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  1. liloo says

    oooo love your selection of colours.
    really pretty palette system as well although they could have fitted more in the palette considering its overall size xx

  2. says

    I’m glad they’ve re-formulated some of the older, chalky shades! It’s nice to see a main stream brand adopt this type of system.

  3. Jen says

    Woooooah that’s 80 quid for a 6 colour palette…don’t think I’ll be investing in this any time soon!