Barry M New Dazzle Dust Colours!

Barry M dazzle dusts are a really good alternative to MAC Pigments – I have both (about 60 MAC piggies) and I generally find Barry M less messy to work with (finer textured generally speaking). They also cost £4.50 and Boots tend to have 3 for 2 or special offers on from time to time.

There are 6 new colours for Spring (I got Parrot Green, the most stunning true green later on – will post on that separately).

Barry M - The most colourful name in cosmetics.jpg
Barry M - The most colourful name in cosmetics-1.jpg

Here are 5 of the shades:


Top row: Teal (94), Petrol Black (98) and Block Blue (93).
Bottom row: Gold (96) Dark Chocolate (97)


Block Blue, Teal, Gold, Dark Chocolate, Petrol Black:


I nearly forgot how much fun it is to play with pigments. I find my MAC pigments a really pain in the butt to use day to day but the Barry M Colours are nice and springy, and you know I love my blues and greens…

Block Blue is quite a special one because its the first MATTE shade Barry M have done, and it’s very nice – a lot of matte, bright shades miss the mark because they are too flat. I hope they bring out more fruit bowl type colours in a matte texture.

I LOVE petrol black. It doesn’t look black, its more of a blackish purple based with violet and blue highlight shimmers. The gold is similar to golden lemon from MAC and Dark Chocolate is a rich brown with almost a khaki edge. Teal is a true, vivid teal – not a completely original colour but if you like aqua’s like me you’ll like this.

Must have shades from the new colours: Petrol Black, Parrot Green (reviewed later), Block Blue.

Might as well get as well: Teal and Chocolate.

Don’t get me wrong, gold is stunning too but it’s one of those shades you may already have.


You can buy them here or in Boots and Superdrug.

Gotta go. Helping Megs put her Ant Farm together!

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