Lip Swatches Special: NYX Goddess Lipstick Swatch no. 01

For the next few weeks, I am going to tackle a number of lipstick swatches because you guys seem to like them so much.

First I am going to focus on the NYX lipsticks I own (about 30 of them I think).

I think NYX lipsticks have an amazing texture, and a great variety of colours for the price. When I think that the Rimmel Lipsticks I buy are £7.99 each, there’s no comparison between the two.

So hope you enjoy, comment and…er, enjoy!

This first one is Goddess (no. 613):

nyx goddess lipstick.jpg

Sort of a warm brown-orange-coppery thing.

On the lips –

nyx goddess lipstick-1.jpg

Yay or Nay?

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  1. liloo says

    what a gorgeous shade. how many nyx lipsticks do you own? would love to make a comparison between the shades of your little nyx swatch to see what i can order from my nyx dealer on eBay. she is such a nice woman, i just want to buy cos i like her :)