Super Funky Lipstick! Anna Sui Lip Rouge V and D! Swatches and Review

A few months ago I purchased a load of goodies from Anna Sui – such a pretty make up range but quite hard to purchase over here in the UK.

I bought 2 of the lipsticks.  Anna Sui Lipsticks come in various textures, indicated in the name, as a lot of Japanese brands tend to do.

So you have:

Lip Rouge D – Dazzle (very sparkly and sheer)

Lip Rouge G – Glossy (rich glossy finish)

Lip Rouge – T – Tint (very sheer with the slightest hint of colour)

Lip Rouge V – Vivid (glossy with lots of pigment)

Clever eh!

Anna Sui Lip Rouge V D

I wanted to try a few textures so I got V and a D. Glossy and Tint I can imagine are quite obvious.

Now first off, Anna Sui packaging is lush. The box is very elaborate and has Anna’s classic rose on the front.

The packaging is also not for girls who like the simple designs! They are like works of art, very OTT< very fancy. They ARE plastic though, nothing more heavy weight which I don’t mind but if it was a heavier material then it really would be spectacular:

Anna Sui Rouge Lipstick V C D

This design really is love or hate. I love it!


Anna Sui Lip Rouge Lipstick V C

The lipstick D I got (dazzle oh ye of short memory) is in a orange tone (shade 670).  It’s a bright, obvious orange with lots of sparkles.

The lipstick V I got 360 is a hot pink. There were a selection of colours such as reds but since I have a thing for hot pink I went for this one.

Anna Sui Lipstick V and D 1

There textures are as I expected. Lip Rouge D is very sheer, but not so sheer that the colour isn’t visible. Also there are tons of sparkly bits – TONS it feels a bit like a disco ball. The glitter is NOT gritty but nevertheless it is OBVIOUS so not for people who don’t like that kind of texture.

If you are like me and love MAC Dazzleglasses you will love this! The texture is super light and hydrating.

Lip Rouge V is nothing like a normal super pigmented lipstick – I’d say it’s more of a ‘vinyl’ because it leaves a soft, glowy finish to the lips.  It’s GLOSSY but super pigmented – in fact this combination makes it quite special, because it’s not drying and not creamy either.

Anna sui lipstick rouge d

The orange I chose is perfect for summer and I realli like it. You do have to be careful where the sparkles are because where my lips were dry, they seemed to gather…not a nice look.

Anna Sui Rouge Lipstick Glitter Dazzling

The Lip Rouge V is a beautiful soft hot pink – quite cool tones (excuse my messy application!) but is surprisingly pigmented. I swatched this side by side next to the Houglass Femme Rouge Lipstick I got in Fever and it’s PRACTICALLY the same thing. Except this is a tiny bit sheerer.

Honestly? I prefer this. For my dry prone lips, this Anna Sui one is a better texture. I really wish I got this first. Anna Sui Rouge Vinyl V


Overall a good experience with Anna Sui Lipsticks although they don’t have any other killer shades I want to try. Hopefully they’ll bring out more tempting colours.

I bought this from Strawberrynet.


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  1. Inês says

    The orange is FAB <3 Anna Sui has beautiful products, but they're just too expensive for me, at least right now!