TheBalm – Stainiac, Pick Up Pencils and Hot Mama Blush

UPDATE: You can buy TheBalm in the UK from Zuneta.

I am new to TheBalm – a cute retroey San Francisco brand which is new to the UK. You know what it reminds me of – Benefit! I don’t mind Benefit but I can’t say anything they have released lately has won me over either. When I saw TheBalm I was concerned it would be all style, no substance.

I got three products, Hot Mama Blush, Pick Up Pencils in Karate and Stainiac in Homecoming Queen (orange/peach).


I love the colour of this Stainiac – peaches and oranges are my favourite, and this left a light, non streaky stain on my cheeks. When I was younger, the first lip/cheek stain I had was The Body Shop’s in that bright cherry red in a rollerball. I used to draw three lines on my face, forget about it, and have three streaky lines on my face all day.


Hot Mama is a 2 in 1 blusher and eyeshadow. I don’t trust make up in cardboard usually, like I don’t trust men with moustaches, but this is just a glorious colour! It’s also a nice compact size, not too big and bulky.


You know what it reminded me of, right away? Nars Orgasm! Peach-Pink-Gold. Totally natural but shimmery. Could it be used on the lids without making them look sore – I think so. When you blend it more the gold comes out, as opposed to the pink.


Looking at this set made me realize I had previous bought another one of these sets from Asos (must dig out) – but this is a cute idea. Three mini eye pencils with a sharpener. I personally like make up thats easy to carry round with me so I like these.


These are pretty easy to use, no complaints about the actual pencil. There’s a green, plum, and blue. I believe my other set has a brown, grey and black – so with these two you’ve covered nearly every eyeliner you’ll ever need!

These are Mini pencils though, so you’ll have to decide if you find them a little fiddly to use. It’s like using a mini pen as opposed to your usual one – it takes a bit of getting use to.

I have already put Stainiac and the pencils into my carry round make up bag as they are so handy, and the Hot Mama blush is my new day blush. I want to try more from this brand – its cute but it works too.




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