John Sergent out of Strictly Come Dancing

Poor John Sergent. One of my favourite BBC reporters has been forced out of the TV show, Strictly Come Dancing.

You get a load of has-been celebrites, desperate to revive their careers…well some of them, not all of them.

Rachel Stevens (yes, remember her?) for example, Jodie Kidd (after the cocaine scandal), loads of sports *stars* i’ve never heard of.  This is a golden ticket to some quick publicity and a modelling deal with Marks & Spencer’s probably.

Anyway, so John was still in the competition  despite not being very good and last week this resulted in Cheri Lunghi, the woman from the Nescafe ads, being voted out.

Apparently in the world of people-who-do-not-leave-their-sofas-and-tape-everything-but-not-commercials-and-believe-Oralndo-Bloom-is-their-imaginary-boyfriend this was catastrophic.


Because “true” talent was being ignored.

Arelene Philips, who is one of the wonky faced judges (just one of them) said:

“When [other celebrities] put hours in the practice studio they are constantly working. They do not sit down, and I know with John, he sits and reads the Guardian. A lot of time he and his dance partner spend fooling around.” She added: “I hope this does not go on to the final.”

Well, Arlene, your comment does not just insult John, it insults his partner Kristina Rihanof, because presumably, if he’s sitting round reading The Guardian then she must be filing her nails somewhere.

Arlene has now also now a self appointed wonky god like figure.  The public are dumb, is what she’s trying to say.  We are not capable of being trusted of mvoting for people on stupid reality shows.

Well the thing is, I never personally vote on these shows – seriously who has the time and money?  I didn’t even vote for Laura White, who I love, and look how far she’s…oh crap.  Anyway.


Lest you forget, fatty judges, it is the sad gits like me, paying the TV licence who are paying your wages.  You don’t do anything critical.  You don’t even wear nice outfits.  Get off your high horse and understand that it’s an entertainment show and once again PEOPLE CAN VOTE FOR WHO THEY WANT!

Look, this is how I see it and others may disagree.  If you only want “good” people in the final, then don’t put any “bad” people in it to begin with – oh, but wait.  It would be a really, really boring show.  But at the same time they EXPECT the bad people to leave early on so they can get down to the “real” dancing.  But you can’t have everything you own way – the bad dancers for people to laugh at, the good dancers at the ends when viewing figures are critical.

Also the majority of the people on the show take is so seriously because its a career reviver.  It’s self serving essentially.

And the way the choose contestants is never fair.  Can John Sergent really match up to Rachel Stevens? Obviously not, because Rachel is young and has been dancing with SClub7 for years and years – hell, I dare say she’d put “dancing” as one of the skills on her CV, no?  Either you get a bunch of true novice’s or you don’t.

John has stepped down.  I feel bad for his Partner who must have worked hard at this show too.  I won’t be watching this pile of crap – well, I never watch it anyway, but even when I am bored out of my mind, I will still not watch it.

Errr what else.  I’ve run out.  Over to you….

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  1. Chica says

    Ooh, I’ve been ranting about this all day (how sad am I ?lol, Strictly has taken over my over my life <please don’t answer that question) – John is a 64 year old polictical journalist – how the hell is he supposed to look & dance better than the 20/30 year olds left in with performance or sports backgrounds?! Oh yes..he isn’t. I loved his and Kristina’s dances because they were entertaining.
    Next year they might as well only accept 20 year old dancers and then all the morons who think that John being in is a travesty can find something else to moan about.

  2. Row says

    Oh Chica! You’ve fallen under the spell!

    I was really annoyed about the whole John saga – like you said whats the point if it has to be 20 year old poser from a band or sports background. These are people who already have a huge advantage. Image watching 12 Rachel Stevens’ dance *slits wrists* you know what I mean?

  3. wendy Mace says

    I agree, it is an entertainment show and John and Christina were hugely entertaining and had a rapport on the dance floor that anyone could see – unlike James and Cherie who managed to look miserable most of the time – maybe that’s why people didn’t vote for her because she looked fed up? John and Christina were the highlight of each week for me – if they don’t want ‘less able’ dancers to take part they shouldn’t put them in in the first place. The public are asked to ‘vote for who you want to see back next week’ they are not asked to vote for who they think is the ‘best dancer’. I think it is disgraceful and the judges and that James have shown themselves to be arrogant and rude and without manners – maybe they could learn some manners from John as he has plenty to spare.

  4. says

    Forget John Sargeant; WHO HAD THE AUDACITY TO VOTE OFF CHERIE LUNGHI?!? WHO?!?! I DEMAND TO KNOW!!! Damn them to Hell! I love Cherie Lunghi (mostly because her first name is ‘Cherie’ but her last name isn’t ‘Blair’, but still!).

    There was a similar debacle this year (Stateside) on the American version of Strictly: Dancing with the Stars. Despite questionable dancing skills and even more questionable behavior, Cloris Leachman managed to advance to 6th week of DWTS, which caused the judges to gripe (privately) about her dancing skills and sanity (or lack, thereof). Who cares if she can’t dance? It’s a damned entertainment show, not the ‘American Ballroom Dancing Semi-finals’!

    I guess I just miss Cloris.