Achica Haul: Hello Kitty Make Up Bags!

I had a haul arrive on Saturday, consisting of some Hello Kitty vanity bags and and a mini umbrella.

The arrival of this order is a bit of a weird one. See, I ordered on the 15th of June and the items arrived on the 10th July which is – ages….

Achica is one of those sites like Secret Sales, where you join to buy discounted items which are available for a limited time. It says on the site it takes 15 working days to arrive so mine is a bit late, and some notebooks I ordered are further delayed and will be sent later.


I bought a mini Fulton Umbrella – it’s not as mini as I thought, but I am sure it will serve me well in my rainy city!


The Hello Kitty Bags I bought on the whim are not quite like how I expected although they are good quality:

This is like a bowling bag – there’s no compartments and it’s quite big so I might give this away – I don’t think it’s much for my make up to be honest, it needs more structure!

I also bought this 2 piece set – with a small and large Hello Kitty washbag.

This is a weird one. The small bag is too big to be a handbag size, but the bigger one holds surprisingly little (ie. if I were to take it away I could probably fit wash items – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and cream in it only).


Anyway – I’ll keep this order, I will find some use for it.

Achica, to be fair have been good with communication and answering any comments and queries I have. I just think the whole process is taking far too long AND you pay for the items at the time of ordering – so they have your money for weeks before you even get a sniff of the product.


Notebooks arrived yesterday 12/07/2010. Nice bargain there, 3 for £11.

Had any good bargains from Secret Sales type websites?

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  1. Jen says

    I’m always browsing those types of websites…it’s seriously not good for my wallet!

    So far the best things I’ve bought are Stila makeup and pretty Pilgrim jewellery from Brandalley!

    Reading this post has just reminded me that I’m still waiting on my goodies from!!! It’s been that long that I’d forgotten about it lol I’m with you on this one, they definitely need to improve on their delivery times!

    • Row says

      Oooh my too I bought som pilgrim AND stila ! hehehehehehee

      I hate how long this stuff takes I’m too easily stressed out to buy it!

  2. kimi says is quite good for desinger clothes and jewellery but again they are verrrrrrry slow (still they seem unashamed of it as after you’ve placed an order you get to see exactly where your package is, my most received order was placed on the 12th July, the website states that they won’t even pack it until the 27th July earlist!)

  3. Row says

    I have never shopped with Vente-privee!

    I have zero patience! So I can’t shop with these places anymore!

  4. Jack Nicholson says

    Secretsales ( is by far the best – really good sales and fairly quick delivery. They did go through a period of slow delivery but they explained that was because they moved warehouse. My last order (D&G shirt) was received in 4 days which is not bad going for this sort of website. They have more D&G today and I’ve just ordered a Mandarina Duck suitcase. I’ll let you know how long that takes…


    • Row says

      Hmm you know I am sick of these kind of sites! They take so long to deliver

      But will try secret sales. Thing is I am an ebay addict and to be honest I get great bargains on there!