Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Cream Review Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Cream

I haven’t given up on the search for a BB cream for me (Blemish Balm – where skincare meets foundation meets concealer meets SPF).

However, the fact is most of them are very light – too light for my NC30 – 35 skintone. I’ve even had some allergic reactions, such as itching and little bumps on the skin.

Now – I have never heard of Nanoce before – it was actually reader and blogger Eve who was talking about this product with me and we decided to do a swap!

Here is the BB Cream by Nanoce:

nanoce BB moist cream.jpg

Its a pretty inoffensive looking tube – I got shade 02 Healthy Ocre which is supposed to be an ok match for my skin.

This BB Cream gives an SPF 30 and is moisturising, and has a good amount of cover.

nanoce BB moist cream-1.jpg

The product – ok so the shade is fine. I would say its a NC30 match – its the tiniest bit too light on my but its nothing devastating – I could slap this on without much worry in the mornings I think.

nanoce BB Cream.jpg

The product:

Korean BB Cream blemish balm.jpg

Its a medium thick cream as you can see. No runny business here, its got a good amount of coverage and hydration. I doubt it would be good for very oily skins though.

It also lacks the extra oily slick I sometimes feel with BB creams (skinfood BB creams are bad for this) – so thats a plus.

Blended in:

nanoce bb blemish balm cream.jpg

Plain, very dry, tender skin:

nanoce BB blemish Balm cream-2.jpg

With base. Its quite a yellow base ironically and in daylight its ok but in this picture I think it looks a little light and yellow on me.

One downside for me is that with my very dry skin, it really clung to the flaky areas. So much so that I felt that I had to put extra cream on underneath (in which case the base didn’t last as long).

So for now – I have shelved this BB cream whilst my skin is recovering from its dry phase. For summer, this could be ideal (as its got the SPF)…but then again, I’ll probably be even darker in the summer.

Problems, problems….

BB cream blemish balm nanoce-1.jpg

If you can read Japanese, here are some benefits! hehe:

BB Cream.jpg


Its a good BB cream if you have normal skin, neither too dry not too oily. Has medium coverage and doesn’t cause allergies.

Its sold here on Mihoko Shop for $28 in 2 shades.

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  1. HS says

    I got my friend to buy it for me from HK but she got the wrong shade. i wanted healthy but instead she got me natural. im an NC 20… do you think it will look too light? great review btw

    • Row says

      Do you mean you have the same shade as me? Because I am NC30-35 it’s a bit light for me so if it should be find for NC20!