Illamasqua Spring Sirens Collection

If you want to save money, then here’s a tip: Don’t got to Illamasqua. Just sayin’.

Spring is here, and Illamasqua are offering us their first proper seasonal collection.

How are you guys taking to Illamasqua. I realise the the Asia and US ladies don’t have the brand yet, is it terribly boring reading about it but not being able to get it or do you like looking at it anyway?

Patience, ladies, it will soon be winging your way.

Sirens collection!


So glossy, so goddess like.

The counter:

Illa on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


IMG00405-20090403-1858.jpg on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

With flash:

IMG00398-20090403-1854.jpg on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg
IMG00398-20090403-1854.jpg on Flickr - Photo Sharing!-1.jpg

The range & first thoughts:

Lipstick in Fable and Resist. Resist is a pigmented strong matte raspberry, Fable is a nude light pink (not as orangey as in the photo):


Like the other Illamasqua lipsticks I have tried, these are very creamy, pigmented and matte. It’s a strong lip colour for sure, and it’s quite different from other lipsticks I own so I quite like them. The remind me of Nars Semi-Mattes but not as drying.

Sheer Lipgloss in Soul, a sheer, shimmery beige-gold:


The sheer glosses are nice, this is a nice one but dupable.

Nail Varnish in Muse and Lament:


The nail polishes are great, they last quite a long time too when used with top and base coat. Muse is very nice.

Fat Pencils in Fickle, Wilful and Peverse:


These are like Chubby pencils. As you can see on the swatch they are quite pigmented, but have a glossy edge to them. I think I would have liked them to have a texture a bit closer to the main range of pencils, which is super soft and pigmented. I didn’t buy these are they are colours I already have.

Bronzing Duos:


There are two variations for light and dark skin. Both palettes have the lighter colour in them – this is a lovely shimmery soft bronzer, its a bit like my beloved Illamasqua Mischief blush but with shimmer so quite a good buy for summer (and its only £18!).

Liquid Metals (Limited Edition):


See the swatch? These caught your eye first eh?! These are VERY metallic and VERY opaque – love them. They remind me of MAC Metal X but much softer, more pigmented and better durability, although I did still notice some creasing with the liquid metal. However, when worn with a primer (in my case Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which I ALWAYS wear anyway since my lids are oily), they lasted well.

These two are my MUST BUYS of the collection!

4 Colour Palette, Limited Edition:


The swatch on the brochere isn’t very good! It’s a really STUNNING and good choice of palette – blue, bright blur, chocolate brown and a light yellowy gold – the swatch doesn’t do it any justice.

Shimmer Cream, Eternal (like an eye gloss – Limited edition):


This is is a shimmery eye gloss – it reminds me of the side of a green, dying fish. God, that’s a terrible description. It’s like the reflections of a dirty canal. That’s even worse. Anyway I’ve made it sound crap, but it’s actually a very beautiful, light greeny shade which works UNDER or OVER eyeshadow. Leena J. kind of talked me out of it. She’s good like that.

Here are my purchases:

The Sirens Palette!


This palette pretty much as EVERYTHING. The four palette eyeshadow is here, then there are 2 additional shades, the shimmery sand and pink which are from the main collection. Then there are two blushers from the main collection and there are 4 lip colours (2 from the new collection) and 2 liquid metals.


Powder Blusher: Lover and Unrequited
Liquid Metal: Enrapture and Solstice
Lipstick: Fable, Resist, Brink and Melt
Powder Eye Shadow: Fate, Spellbound, Luminescence, Morn, Demonic and Gasp


I got it back home and realised the lock or clippy thing on the case doesn’t work! Luckily, Illamasqua are good with changing anything that’s faulty or generally dodgy so it’s going back tomorrow (hence no swatches off the palette).



Eyeliner in VOW – a milky cream shade and a good alternative to the harsh white liner:


I got my make up done by Leena on the Manchester counter and she did a stellar job. I tend to say to her, do whatever you think, and she created a really sunny, wide eyed, bronzed goddess look, but she only used the Gold Liquid Metal and the chocolate brown from the palette. I think there will be many many fun combos to get out of the palette.

So do you want the price? It cost me…£75. Yes, Good? or No, too much? I actually thought it would be more around the £90 mark so I was quite pleased – also it would have practically everything in one place, which I like.


The cream liner works really well with the look and I really loved Fable with this look – a matte nude light pink with bronzed eyes? Who woulda thunk it? The obvious choice would be a bronze or gold gloss, but the baby pink with the bronzed eyes look good.


Liquid Metals, in the Gold especially but also the Bronze
Duo Bronzer – so so so so nice
The Quad is HAWT – brown, gold and blues. Not overly shimmery either

Not in the Sirens collection, but I think works really well with the whole look:

The Satin Primer
VOW Eye pencil
Illuminator is Halycon (a goldish colour)


The Nail Polishes are funky
Lipstick in Fable is very nice


The chubby pencils are ok, but you may already have something similar
The lip gloss is a sheer gold, nice but dupable

The enigma here is the shimmer cream in Eternal which is a sticky, glossy eye product, not for everyday. I want it but I don’t want it at the same time…maybe it should have been called Enigma instead?

The Sirens collection is on counters now, but I don’t think it’s online yet, although one could peruse here.

UPDATE: Really loving the liquid metals, although since its cream I don’t think the amount in the palette will last that long. Back ups of those are in order (they are Limited Edition!).

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    • Row says

      Hi Sue

      Yes! Wow, I was amazed so so so so much nicer than a harsh white. Immediately opened the eyes :)

    • Row says

      Hey Li

      It’s hot isn’t it! Slight moan – shiny black packaging! They all do it (chanel too) but it finger marks are accumulating already. I have to get my spray cleanser and a soft cloth to keep it clean!

  1. says

    Hey I was wondering if I could get your opinion on the bronzing duo. I’m an NW45, do you think the darker of the duos would be suitable for me, or do you still think it would still be too light?

    • Row says

      Hi Jessie

      I love this bronzer! I am a NC35 and I have the light duo. So if you are NC45 I think the darker duo will definately work for you. The lighter shade is the same in both palettes, its the right hand side that has a variation :)

  2. says

    Thanks, I was hoping it would, they seem to use a lot of darker models. *Ahem American Companies* Now all I have to do is wait for the rumor that they ship to the US to come true. I keep checking back to their website.